Get Telstra's Entertainment Packages for as Low as $20/Month

Foxtel Entertainment

Foxtel has always provided subscribers with good value, but now, thanks to Foxtel from Telstra, you can receive the same service for even less, with prices starting from as low as $20.

Telstra’s move into the Pay TV market has paid dividends for lovers of Foxtel. The subscription service, which currently offers their base package for $29/month, is available for less than half price when you buy it through Telstra.

What Do You Get?

Spending $20 on Foxtel from Telstra gets you access to either the Entertainment + Drama pack, or the Entertainment + Movies Pass – both of which would cost you $49/month if you got them directly through Foxtel. For those of you who aren’t mathematically inclined, that’s a reduction of almost 60%, and more proof that Telstra discounts are readily available if you keep an eye out.

Price Comparison

These packs aren’t Foxtel’s cheapest – they also offer a base Entertainment package for $29/month and Entertainment Plus for $39/month – but they are third on the list.

Monthly cost of Entertainment + Drama or Movies Pass with Foxtel from Telstra: $20
Monthly cost of Entertainment + Drama or Movies Pass with Foxtel: $49

As you can see, there’s very little competition, with Foxtel from Telstra offering the same service for a touch over 40% of the price. It is, however, worth noting that Foxtel waives the standard installation fee for your iQ box, while you’ll pay $100 for it with Foxtel from Telstra.

Want to Get Foxtel? Know Your Options!

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Channel Comparison

Each of these packs, whether they’re purchased through Foxtel or Foxtel from Telstra, offers up much the same thing, though there are a couple of additional channels with Foxtel from Telstra.

Channels offered by Foxtel from Telstra’s Entertainment + Drama pack: 53 (48 entertainment + 5 drama)

Channels offered by Foxtel’s Entertainment + Drama pack: 50 (45 entertainment + 5 drama)

Channels offered by Foxtel from Telstra’s Entertainment + Movies Pass: 58 (48 entertainment + 10 movies)

Channels offered by Foxtel’s Entertainment + Movies: 55 (45 entertainment + 10 movies)

As you can see, the difference is minimal, but there is a very slight edge to Foxtel from Telstra in terms of channels available. Note that aside from the minor difference in how many are available, the channels themselves are exactly the same whether purchased through Foxtel from Telstra or Foxtel.

Is This a Permanent Price?

Unfortunately, no, but it will get you a very lengthy 12-month contract, meaning you’ll pay just $340 over the course of the year including the $100 installation fee. After your 12-month contract is finished, you’ll roll over onto a $49/month plan for both of these packs, the same as you’d pay from the start if you got it through regular Foxtel.


You’re able to get the same service as you would from Foxtel, but with $348 in total monthly savings over the course of your first year. Of course, you will have to pay a $100 installation fee – which isn’t the case with regular Foxtel – but despite that, you’re still saving $248 in total. Not an easy deal to say no to.