Guide to Watching Australian Ninja Warrior Season 3

Watch Australian Ninja Warrior

Australian Ninja Warrior Is Back With Season 3!

Expect the Ninja fever to once again sweep the nation as Australian Ninja Warrior returns for season 3 this Monday, July 8 on Channel 9 free-to-air. Ever since season 1 hit TV screens, Ninja Warrior has become a movement across the country and has since made household names out of everyday Australians. And how could it not? Australian Ninja Warrior is home to the toughest obstacle course in the world, making it a true test of survival of the fittest and the fastest in the nation. And for the first time ever, there will be a winner. The competitor who reaches the furthest on the course with the fastest time will take home $100,000. If a competitor makes it all the way up to Mt. Midoriyama, he/she’ll receive $200,000 and will be declared as Australia’s first Ninja Warrior.

The ultimate goal remains to be Mt. Midoriyama, which took the US seven seasons to conquer and which remains unconquered in the UK. The question is: will Australia be able to conquer it this season? You’ll have to tune in to find out as 200 ninjas will have to take on about 38 obstacles before they even get a chance to take on Mt. Midoriyama in the grand final.

Ben Fordham, Rebecca Madern, and Freddie Flintoff will return as hosts, who’ll take us through every heart-pounding moment as both new and returning ninjas take their shot at glory this season at the show’s new home in Melbourne, Australia.

Catch continuing new episodes of Australian Ninja Warrior season 3 on Nine free to air at 7:00pm AEST from Sunday to Tuesday. Want to know more? Check out our guide below!

Australian Ninja Warrior Season 2 Recap

Last season during stage 1 of the grand finals, we saw nine finishers completing the obstacles within the 3:45 time limit. Andrea Hah also made history as the first woman to ever conquer the dreaded Warped Wall, but unfortunately did not qualify to reach stage two.

Stage two proved to be the ultimate challenge as the remaining ninjas had to face eight obstacles, with the extra challenge of passing the first five in under 65 seconds and proceeding to complete the other three. In the end, all nine competitors failed to even go past the first five obstacles, with only Fred Dorrington and Tom O’Halloran reaching the fourth obstacle, which is the ‘Unstable Bridge.’

Since no one was able to make it all the way to the end — with Mt. Midoriyama as stage three — last year, the jackpot prize has now doubled from $100,000 to whopping $200,000. But more than that, the much-coveted bragging rights for being the first ever Australian Ninja Warrior is still up for grabs!

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How Does It Work?

So what do our 200 ninjas have to face this season? Find out with this summary of how this season’s Australian Ninja Warrior will go:

Six Heats

This is where they will all begin. There are six heats consisting of six obstacles, with about two to three obstacles changing for each heat. Only the top 20 fastest from each heat will make it to the semis — making that 120 ninjas in total.

Four Semi-Finals

There are four semi-finals consisting of nine obstacles each. This includes the Warped Wall and the Quadruple Steps, which is a tougher version of the Quintuple Steps from the first season. Just like the heats, two obstacles also change in each semi. With this, only the top 8 fastest — 32 ninjas in total — from each semi-final will proceed to the grand final.

Grand Final

This season, the ninjas can expect a bigger and much tougher grand final course. In fact, there’s an extra stage added before they can try their hand to face Mt. Midoriyama — making that a total of four stages, including the final one at Mt. Midoriyama.

  • Stage 1: Only those who complete the course in under 3:30 can proceed to stage two.
  • Stage 2: Only those who complete the course in under 245 can make it to stage three.
  • Stage 3: There’s no time limit here. They just have to complete the final five obstacles before earning the right to proceed to Mt. Midoriyama.
  • Stage 4: Mt. Midoriyama: This final part will consist of a 22-metre rope climb with a 30-second countdown. Whoever reaches the top before the clock hits zero will earn the title of the first ever Australian Ninja Warrior and the jackpot prize of $200,000.

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How to Watch Australian Ninja Warrior Season 3

You can watch the latest episodes from Australian Ninja Warrior  live and legally free-to-air on Nine as it airs every Sunday.

You can also stream Australian Ninja Warrior on demand using 9Now, channel 9’s video on demand service that’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. 9Now is also available PC or Mac using Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. You can also watch shows on demand on your TV: Samsung TV, both Telstra TV and Apple TV, Chromecast, Fetch TV, LG Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, and using your PlayStation 4 console.

All episodes of Australian Ninja Warrior will air on Sundays every week at 7:00pm AEST on Nine beginning this Sunday, July 8. If you can’t watch it on its airing dates, you can catch up by streaming with your devices via the 9Now app.