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With the NBN making its way into more and more areas, for many people moving to it and choosing a plan can be confusing. With three or four different speed tiers, denoted by numbers that don’t tell the average user what the extra cost actually means in real terms, many have opted for lower-speed plans rather than pay the hefty premium demanded for the fastest.

And in a new world, where so much of our entertainment is delivered via broadband, speed can mean everything to the experience. Particularly if you’re watching Netflix and other streaming services, playing games with huge downloads and online play, or using photo and video sharing sites.

That’s why MyRepublic Broadband – a company that’s made waves in other countries shaking up their broadband markets – keeps things very simple. When you sign up to one of their NBN plans, they find out what the fastest connection you can have is – and that’s what you get. In many ways it’s how the NBN should’ve been done in the first place.

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Regardless of what form of NBN – or even ADSL – you connect to, with MyRepublic the monthly cost is the same – $59.95/month on a contract, or $69.95/month without one. Downloads and uploads are unlimited, and unless you want some of the extra features offered, that’s all you pay. At top-end NBN speeds, it’s remarkably cheap compared to plans with other providers – less than half the price in many cases.
MyRepublic has tuned their network to maximise the performance of popular streaming video services. This means you don’t have to deal with the dreaded buffering messages or loss of picture quality. Also, if you’re into playing video games online, they can go even further with a connection optimised for low latency and optimised routing to game servers. These features are an extra $10/month, but will be well worth it if you’re a dedicated gamer.

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With the best-priced NBN offering in the market, an eye on speed for both gamers and streaming TV fans and a simple and friendly pricing structure, MyRepublic is a serious contender for your next broadband connection.

MyRepublic FAQs

Yes – for a one-off $99 fee (but if you sign up on the 12-month contract plan, it’s only $1!) MyRepublic will give you a modem/router suitable for your NBN connection. You can bring your own if you want – check with MyRepublic support to make sure it’s compatible with their network, especially if you’re connected via Fibre to the Node or Building.
If you aren’t ready to give up your landline phone yet – and many aren’t – MyRepublic includes a home phone connection. Their service operates on a pay-for-what-you-use model. You can also buy monthly extras to give you unlimited calls to landlines ($10), to landlines and mobiles ($20) or to all the above, plus 40 international countries ($30).
If you can’t get connected to the NBN right now, you can sign up with MyRepublic, enjoy the benefits of their pricing and network, then seamlessly switch over when NBN comes to your area. You can keep your email and account settings, and stay on the same contract. The modem/router provided by MyRepublic works on both ADSL and the NBN, too.

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