Top 5 No Contract Australian Broadband Plans that Offer Unlimited Data

top 5 no contract broadband internet plan

We’ve come a long, long way in Australia when it comes to getting value for money from our broadband. And it’s just as well that we have, because broadband internet is more a crucial part of our lives than it’s ever been – and we’re using more data than ever before.

Just think about all the demands you place on your home broadband connection these days. Only a few short years ago you might have spent some time browsing web sites, catching up with friends on Facebook and uploading videos or photos for friends and family. All of these were fairly undemanding tasks that can be done on any broadband connection – even playing online video games had little impact on your data usage.

Today, though, everything’s changed. The rise of Netflix and Stan rocketed streaming TV into the mainstream, and now there’s a plethora of other streaming options – Kayo for high quality sports, Foxtel Now for premium live TV, specialised streaming services like DocPlay, hayu and others. On top of that, many of us have upgraded our TVs to shiny new 4K models, which deliver phenomenal picture quality for streaming services – but at the cost of even more data usage. Video game downloads stretch to 100GB now, and we’re buying more of those online these days than on discs.

Why Unlimited Data Matters

On top of all that there’s streaming music, video sites, photo sites, all those video and photo uploads from our phones and tablets, connected devices all around the home… suffice it to say, if your connected life sounds anything like this, you probably chew through a lot of data, and you need an unlimited broadband plan to give you peace of mind.

Top No-Contract Broadband Plans

In years past, while unlimited plans were easy enough to find, most came with daunting 24-month lock-in contracts. That’s not a great fit if you’re not sure you’ll be in the same place for that long (and more and more people are renters these days). It’s also not ideal if you want to try out a provider to make sure their service meets your expectations.

Thankfully, everything’s changed now. There are plenty of no-contract unlimited broadband plans around to choose from, and some incredible value to be had. But which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at the top five unlimited, no-contract broadband plans on the market – which we judge on quality as much as value.

#1: Belong Broadband

When it comes to no-contract unlimited data plans, Belong’s an active participant and a strong contender at that. Nonetheless, while many prefer month-to-month plans, others don’t also have an issue committing to a longer contract, especially if that saves them money in the long run. That’s why Belong offers both options for customers to choose from. Recently revamping their broadband lineup, all of their NBN plans now offer unlimited data configured on three different speed tiers. If flexibility matters more to you, Belong makes it easy — just add $5 per month and you’re all set to internet freedom. But if it’s savings you’re after, the 12-month plans provide you some, including a free WiFi modem that’s worth $60.

Unlimited Data with Belong

Get unlimited NBN data + a free WiFi modem for just $55/month. Zero standard activation fees!

#2: Tangerine Telecom

Known for their bright orange web site and easy-to-understand plans, Tangerine has been impressing many with their range of NBN plans, that all come with no setup fee, unlimited data and no contract. On top of that, though, they offer something unique – a no-risk 14-day trial period. If you connect with Tangerine and find you’re not 100% happy after two weeks, you can cancel and get a full refund of what you’ve spent with no fees. They’re that confident that their plans – which also come with a $10/month discount for six months for new customers – are going to be a great fit for you.

Get Unlimited NBN Plans That Pack A Punch!

Sign up now to start your risk free 14-day free trial + get $10 off every NBN plan for the first 6 months plus other perks. Plans start at $49.90/mth.

#3: Telstra Home Broadband

Renowned for their top-tier technical performance backed by a vast, powerful global network, Telstra Broadband has long been considered the gold standard for home broadband connections. But traditionally, it’s been an expensive option involving lengthy contracts. Not any more – these days, you can connect a Telstra Broadband service with unlimited data at NBN 50 speed – perfect for small families and share houses – with no contract at all. You still get the usual perks, too – such as the Telstra Gen2 Smart Modem with 4G backup, and access to Telstra Air wi-fi hotspots around Australia.

Moving home? Get connected with Telstra’s New Home Internet Plans

Stay flexible with Telstra’s new broadband plans starting at $70/mth. Get a free Smart Modem, unlimited calls + no lock-in contracts.

#4: Southern Phone

Completely owned and run by the communities that it’s served for many years, Southern Phone has brought value and competitive plans to broadband with their range of NBN plans, which have a strong focus on removing limits – almost all their plans come with unlimited data at surprisingly competitive prices, and all Southern Phone NBN plans are completely contract-free. With an award-wining call centre based in regional Australia to keep things running smoothly for you, Southern Phone’s a great pick for no-contract unlimited broadband no matter where you are across Australia.

Get Great Value Broadband Plans with No Lock-In Contract!

Get connected today with Southern Phone broadband, offering a great range of NBN plans for all needs and budget. NBN plans start at only $50/mth and come with no lock-in contract.

#5: Sumo Broadband

Unique in the market with their ability to seamlessly bundle no-contract unlimited broadband internet with both electricity and gas services, Sumo is one to check out if you’re looking for a solution for all your connection needs – because the more services you bundle together, the cheaper they all get, including 43% off your electricity charges and 25% off your gas bill, alongside a discount for your broadband – which is available at three different speed and price tiers to suit all sorts of usage. Everything is no-contract, so whether you go for one service or all of them, it’s perfect for renters.

Get More Savings with Sumo Broadband Bundles!

Save more when you bundle your NBN with gas & electricity starting at $60/mth or get standalone unlimited NBN plans from $70/mth.

Compare for Yourself!

If you’re keen to see the above providers side by side so you can directly compare – and check out what else is on the market – then head straight for our constantly updated broadband comparison tool, where you can narrow down the options to find the unlimited, no-contract broadband plan that’s perfect for you!


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