iiNet Speed Test

If you’re keen on knowing how fast your iiNet internet connection speed is, an iiNet NBN speed test can easily measure your connection speed and performance for you. Running an internet speed test is actually as simple as it gets, and it’s the only way to know whether the internet speed you’ve signed up for is more than good enough. It only takes a few seconds to run an iiNet Speed Test, and shows you exactly what your iiNet internet connection is capable of.

What’s in this Guide?

iiNet Speed Test

How to Run an iiNet Internet Speed Test

We know of several ways to test your internet speed and performance, but better to choose the internet speed test that’s run by the service with the name that says it all – Speedtest! You’ll find it right above on this page, and it’s easy to get started to test your internet. Before you start your iiNet NBN speed test, it’s important to note a couple of things.

For the most precise internet speed test reading, you’ll want to be testing from a computer web browser, not any portable devices like a phone or tablet. As you do so, make sure your computer is connected to your modem with an Ethernet cable (most modems come with one in the box). You also need to stop the download and upload on your network – that includes streaming movies and shows.

  • Click the big round GO button above
  • Wait for the progress bar to move all the way to the left, then back to the right
  • Make a note of the results for the download speed and the upload speed
  • If the results seem low, click on the server name to change it, then click “AGAIN”

The name below the button is the internet speed test server that the internet speed test will connect with, to see how fast it can send data back and forth. The closest one to you is chosen by default – though you can click on the name to change to another server nearby if you want to double-check the results of your speed tests.

Why internet speed tests matter

Years ago when we still used ADSL to connect to the internet, broadband customers didn’t really have any control over their actual connection speed, quality, and performance. It was only during recent times that people started caring about their internet speed, especially because it became more apparent how that could actually help increase their efficiency with school or work.

People are all about maximising their time, even when just watching sports or entertainment, which is why broadband speed matters now more than ever. And to ascertain that your connection speed is acceptable based on the speed tier service you sign up for, it’s only sensible to confirm your internet connection speed by doing speed tests. You can get started right here with the iiNet Speed Test.

How to Interpret the Results of Internet Speed Tests

When you click GO, the internet speed test runs in real time, showing you the results of your internet speed test iiNet, including the download and upload speed of your internet connection. Once the internet speed test finishes its measurements, you’ll see a set of four results – Download, Upload, Ping, and Jitter – with the all-essential speed tests results being measured in Mbps (megabits per second).

That’s the same exact speed measurement that’s used by iiNet NBN to measure the speed of the broadband service you’re using (for example, NBN 50 means a maximum download speed of 50 Mbps) and also the typical peak download speed you’ll see being promoted with iiNet’s NBN broadband connections.

For a NBN 50 connection, you can usually expect to see a best result of around 46 Mbps – that’s because some of that speed is used by the connection to keep things running smoothly.

  • The download speed should be as close to the maximum of the NBN broadband service as possible. However, recently, most internet providers in the country are now offering typical download speeds at their maximum – 12 Mbps for NBN 12, 25 Mbps for NBN 25, 50 Mbps for NBN 50, and 100 Mbps for NBN 100.
  • The higher the number, the faster you can download everything on the internet from images on websites to massive video game updates, and the better an experience you’ll have when using streaming online video sites, especially if several people in your household are doing so simultaneously.
  • As for the upload speed, it will be always slower than the download speed with NBN broadband. It’s basically designed like that – we generally download a lot more than we upload. Internet providers typically deliver upload speeds of 17 Mbps for NBN 50 and NBN 100.
  • If you’re into sharing videos to YouTube, save your photos and files with a cloud service, make lots of Skype and Zoom calls or even stream video games, the upload speed is going to be a big deal.
  • If you’re planning on performing tasks that involves doing an upload, we’d recommend you pick an iiNet NBN service that has 20 Mbps or higher upload speed. That means it’s best to go for NBN 50 or above.
  • If there’s a lot of WiFi devices at home, remember that speeds to them will depend on several factors – how far away from the modem they are, how fast their maximum WiFi speed is, and how much congestion (other peoples’ WiFi signals) there is in the area (this can especially be an issue in apartment buildings).
  • You should always test using an Ethernet cable-connected computer to get an accurate result when running an internet speed test.

How to get the most out of iiNet Speed Test NBN

Avoid peak evening hours

Speeds vary throughout the day and depends on a couple of factors like the number of users on the network and the activities they’re doing while connected to the internet. For broadband connections, you should avoid NBN peak evening hours (7-11 pm) when running your speed test since both your WiFi connection and internet provider could be slower due to congestion.

Check for other connected devices

Make sure you’re the only one using the internet in your home or office when you do the speed test. Internet usage can affect the accuracy of your internet speed test results, and that includes software updates.

Test using a wired (Ethernet) connection 

If you’re using a computer or laptop, connecting to the internet with an ethernet cable will most likely get you accurate and steady internet speed test results. If you’re using WiFi, you need to be close to your WiFi as possible. Otherwise, speeds drop quickly as you get further away.

What Speed is iiNet ADSL?

While many providers have been retiring their ADSL plans as the NBN nears completion, ADSL is still used by many customers, and ADSL can provide decent internet services if you’re lucky enough to live near the phone exchange you connect to. With an ADSL internet connection, the longer the distance between you and the exchange, the slower the top speed. ADSL2 can get as fast as 24 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up – but that’s in great conditions. You’re far more likely to see speeds between 5-10 Mbps. iiNet is one of the ISP providers in Australia that still offers ADSL broadband services.

What is Home Wireless Broadband?

Home Wireless broadband is a great and convenient alternative to NBN because there’s no service installation needed. Once your WiFi modem arrives, simply plug it in and you got your internet connection nice and easy. The iiNet Home Wireless Broadband can deliver up to 20 Mbps of speed with unlimited data, an included premium WiFi modem, and waived activation and delivery fees.

This type of internet connection, however, is not recommended for online gaming and 4K streaming. If you or other members of your household use the internet regularly to browse, stream videos, watch TV shows and movies on a streaming service, play online games, and more, a fixed home internet configured on a high speed tier is advised.

What Speed is iiNet 4G?

An alternative to the NBN is connecting to the internet via a wireless broadband modem – and iiNet has the 4G modem available, along with a home wireless broadband service that can give you a way of accessing very fast internet connection at home with just the use of a mobile network.

The 4G network is not characterised by speed tiers for obvious reasons, so the internet speed you get depends on how close you are to the nearest cells, how busy they are, and how fast your modem can go – it’s possible to get slow speeds when conditions aren’t ideal, but it’s also possible to get speeds of up to 300 Mbps on 4G, and double that (or more) with the new 5G network – and with fast upload too.

How Fast is iiNet NBN Speed?

In Australia, you’ve got a choice of four NBN speeds with iiNet, with each of the speed tier offering unlimited data. The entry-level unlimited speed tier plan runs at NBN 12, with 12 Mbps typical download speed – enough for light internet connection usage and HD streaming, but only just.

The other three unlimited-data plans run at NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100, with typical download speeds in the evening of 25, 50, and 90 Mbps, respectively, all except the NBN 100 at their maximum download speeds.

The NBN 100 speed, as appealing as it is, isn’t accessible to everyone. For starters, you’ll need an internet connection with that speed capacity, which will be automatically determined when you sign up for an internet plan so you don’t pay for speed you can’t get. Your iiNet speed test NBN should show speeds closely matching these numbers – if not, make sure your connection wasn’t being used by other devices while you were testing.

Meanwhile, those who are already on the NBN 100 plan has the option to upgrade their speed to Superfast (NBN250) with typical download speed of 200 Mbps and Ultrafast (NBN1000) with also up to 200 Mbps download speed when you get these plans from iiNet. These plans, however, are only available on FTTP and some HFC connections only.

Below are the different NBN speed tiers that iiNet currently offers. The upload speed in each of the plan is not indicated, though generally the upload speed is expectedly lower.

NBN SpeedDescription
NBN12The NBN 12 speed plan is ideal for single household use, streaming to web browsing on devices like tablet. HD streaming possible but not guaranteed.
NBN 25The NBN 25 speed plan is ideal for smaller households with basic internet connection requirements, such as internet browsing, moderate online streaming in SD, and online gaming. Average speeds (7-11pm) for NBN 25 are 25 Mbps download. iiNet’s NBN 25 plan starts with 500GB of data.
NBN 50The NBN 50 speed plan is for busier households as it can accommodate more browsing, video streaming in HD on 2 devices at once, and responsive gaming. Typical speeds (7-11pm) are 50 Mbps download.
NBN 100Prior to the arrival of the latest speed plans (Superfast and Ultrafast), NBN 100 was the fastest speed tier in Australia. Typical speeds (7-11pm) are 100 Mbps download. It’s fit for big households and can even accommodate 4K streaming and online gaming. This particular speed tier guarantees a reliable internet connection.
NBN 250Only available to FTTP and most HFC customers, the Superfast NBN that iiNet offers has typical download speeds of 200 Mbps, which means it’s great for larger households who need to use the internet to browse, video-call, play online games, stream in HD and Ultra HD, download, and upload files, all at the same time using many devices. More providers in Australia now offer speed plans this high.
NBN 1000Aptly called the Ultrafast, it’s currently the fastest speed tier offered in Australia. While this speed plan might be too much for those who have no need for something this lightning fast, the advent of streaming, gaming, and the arrival of 8K technology, however, make the NBN 1000 add-on plan an appealing option for many. iiNet is one of the ISP providers in Australia that offers the Ultrafast plan, alongside Telstra Broadband, Aussie Broadband, and MyRepublic.

How Can You Increase iiNet NBN Speed?

If you require a faster internet speed and you’re looking to boost your iiNet NBN connection to avoid slow download and upload speed, you just need to select an iiNet broadband service configured on a higher speed tier. With iiNet’s flexible monthly plans, you’re free to switch to a higher speed service. You simply need to get in touch with iiNet by calling their call centre or visiting the provider’s website to access the live chat feature. Once you’re in, you can easily request for the connection change.

The NBN 50 tier is only about $5/month extra on top of the NBN 25 plan – and you get unlimited data as well. Then the NBN 100 tier is another $30/month on top of that. For those customers who only need the internet for single household use, iiNet still offers NBN 12 and NBN 25.

If you need the fastest internet speed tier and a highest Mbps, the NBN 250 or NBN 1000 are available. You can opt for either of the two speed plans as long as you’re already on the Premium NBN 100 plan and your connection (and address/location) supports the speed upgrade.

NBN 250 is an additional $30/month while NBN 1000 is an extra $50/month with iiNet. Once you’re on one of these iiNet broadband plans, you can perform the iiNet Internet Speed Test to confirm that you got your preferred speed plan and broadband quality, and that it’s worth your monthly plan fee. 

What about WiFi booster devices?

If you live in a big house, getting coverage in every room might be a challenge, resulting in slow internet, which we all know to be frustrating. To rectify the issue, adding a smart booster with WiFi mesh is one of the hassle-free methods you can use to broaden your WiFi network. Mesh network extenders can be purchased as add-ons, or as integrated modem/extender sets offered by companies like Google and Asus. You can expect your iiNet internet speeds to improve using these WiFi booster devices.

How long does an iiNet NBN speed change take to kick in?

Once you’ve transitioned to another plan, the speed increase (or decrease) will be processed by the NBN and applied as soon as possible. This can be completed almost instantly for some NBN connection types, while for others it may take some time. The iiNet customer service team should inform their customers how long the change will take when switching NBN plans. If the speed change doesn’t kick in when it’s supposed to, try turning your Wi-Fi modem off and on.

iiNet NBN Broadband Price

iiNet as an ISP provider has got some of the most valuable internet plans in the country. They’ve also been named Australia’s Best NBN Provider for 2018, 2019 and 2020 as rated by CHOICE.

Their cheapest NBN broadband service, the NBN 12 speed plan with limited data of 500GB and average download speeds of 12 Mbps, costs only $59.99 per month. The rest of the internet plans have unlimited data and are distinguished by speed tiers.

NBN 25 with typical download speed of 25 Mbps is priced at $69.99 per month, NBN 50 with typical evening speed of 50 Mbps at $74.99 per month (with Fetch TV entertainment included), and NBN 100 with average download speed of 90 Mbps at $99.99 per month.

With these prices, it’s clear that iiNet has some of the cheapest broadband plans even when you scour around for the most budget-friendly internet deals. You can compare the broadband plans offered by iiNet with those that other ISP providers in the country provides.

Check out our comparison table for more broadband deals.

NBN Broadband Plans

NBN50 Unlimited - Month to Month
  • $15/mth off for 6 months. Offer ends 31 Oct 2021.
  • $10 off w/ electricity & gas on selected areas
  • NBN50 Unlimited - Month to Month
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • Pay as you go calls or add calling packs from $10/mth
  • For first 6 months $60/mth
For first 6 months $60/mth
$75/mth thereafter
Min Cost - $120 (includes once-off $60 modem cost)

Standard Plus Speed + Unlimited Data
  • Free BINGE Standard for 3 months
  • Buy online: no connection fee
  • Standard Plus Speed + Unlimited Data
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • #1 provider to stream Netflix
  • Telstra Smart Modem included (with 4G back up)
  • $95/mth
Min Cost - $311 over 1 mth. New customers only.

nbn™ Unlimited Broadband Turbo
  • First 2 Months Plan Fee FREE for new Southern Phone nbn customers.
  • nbn™ Unlimited Broadband Turbo
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • Suitable for 3 - 4 people online at the same time
  • For gaming, HD 1080p video & working from home
  • $75/mth
Min Cost - $75 over 1 month

Standard Plus
  • Standard Plus
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Up to 50Mbps Standard Plus Evening
  • Unlimited Data
  • NBN 50™ Fixed Line
  • Online gameplay
  • HD video streaming
  • $75/mth
Min Cost - $145 over 1 month (inc. $70 - setup fee and standard modem)

Last audited 16th of September 2021

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