How to Watch On Demand Replays of the 2019 Rugby World Cup™

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The biggest event on the global Rugby calendar is here again, with teams in Japan to battle it out for the 2019 Rugby World Cup – and you won’t have to miss a key moment when using the options in this guide to stream the action live or catch up On Demand with replays at a time that’s more convenient. 

Stream the Rugby World Cup 2019™ Live or On Demand 

This edition of the Rugby World Cup is nearly six weeks long, having begun on September 20th and running until a champion is crowned on the 2nd of November, and it’s the first time with the hugely popular sports streaming service Kayo Sports on board to bring you all the action live and on demand. Every match, every score, every tackle, and every victory will be there for you to stream, whether you’re watching on the big screen at home or keeping up with the action on your phone or tablet when you’re out and about. 

Watching on demand with Kayo, you never need to worry about tuning in late for a game or having to remember to record them. Kayo will stream every match of the Rugby World Cup 2019™ live and ad-break free during play, and makes each game instantly available for replay. Some of the on demand replay options are unique to Kayo, and will make your Rugby World Cup 2019 experience far more immersive than simply watching a TV broadcast.

Quick Rugby World Cup Replays with Kayo Minis

Of course, not everyone has the time to take in every game of the World Cup, but don’t worry – Kayo’s got that covered already. One of the most unique and popular features of the service, Kayo Minis, are bite-sized versions of matches that you can stream in a quick 15 to 30-minute session. Edited to retain all the drama and action but to focus tightly on the events that helped decide the match, Kayo Minis let you get right up to speed with every bit of the day’s action without the massive time commitment. These ‘mini’ Rugby World Cup replays are more than just highlights collections – they’re designed to convey the excitement and flow of the match, smartly edited to give you the full game experience in a fraction of the time.

All the highlights and key events are in there, but you still feel like you’re watching a game with a start, middle and end. There’s nothing else like Kayo Minis anywhere else, and once you’ve given them a try you’ll find yourself able to take in a game no matter how busy life gets – you can catch up with an entire match on the train home from work!

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Keeping on Top of the Action with Key Moments

With every match streaming in crisp high definition, Kayo lets you take control of the way you watch with interactive features you can’t get on regular TV. If you’re checking out a match that’s already streamed, you can jump straight to the moments that mattered – including all the tries – using Kayo’s unique “Key Moments” feature. Every highlight and match-winning moment is there on the streaming timeline and instantly accessible!

Spoiler-free Live Streaming

Because Kayo is based on the latest real-time streaming tech, you can stream a match from the beginning even while it’s still in progress – effectively watching it “as live”. Whether you’re watching on delay or the next day, Kayo’s “No Spoilers” feature means you won’t accidentally find out the result before you see it for yourself. You can have the match kick off at whatever time suits you and watch it from beginning to end and not have the result spoil the excitement of the match.

Split View – Direct the Match!

Keeping an eye on other games as well? With Kayo you can stream up to four different games – even four completely different live sports – simultaneously on the one screen with Kayo’s clever Split View feature. It’s like commanding your own sports TV network – and absolutely brilliant if there’s two or more things on at the same time you don’t want to miss.

Stream the 2019 Rugby World Cup LIVE with Kayo’s 14 Day Free Trial

The 2019 Rugby World Cup is a true epic contest, running from September 20th through to the big final on November 2nd. And only Kayo will be streaming all of it – every single match, live in high definition, with no ad-breaks during play, and full replays available to watch whenever you like.

You can stream the world’s best sport as much as you like with a subscription to Kayo Sports, and if you’re not one of the over 400,000 people who’ve already joined, you can get instant access to the complete service using their 14 day free trial offer. You’ll also have access to exclusive Rugby shows and documentaries, and of course the dozens of other sports that Kayo streams from around Australia and across the globe.

Kayo works in all modern web browsers on PC and Mac computers, as well as via its dedicated apps on Apple TV, the new Telstra TV 3, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Chromecast and smart TVs running the Android TV operating system (including most recent Sony smart TVs).

Get Instant Access and Start Streaming Today

The Rugby World Cup only comes around once every four years, and the 2019 contest is shaping up to be one of the fiercest yet – so Kayo is the perfect way to watch it, making sure you’ve got instant access to every single game. There’s no installation and no set top box needed, just sign up and start streaming. Take it for a free test drive for two weeks with the free trial and we’re betting you’ll want to keep it as a key part of your sporting life.

Rugby World Cup TV Fixtures (Sydney time)

While you can each Wallabies’ match on Channel Ten, Kayo will have every match of the Rugby World Cup 2019™ LIVE with no ad-breaks during play. This includes the opening week blockbuster between South Africa and New Zealand, the much anticipated contest involving Ireland vs Scotland, as well as a key European clash between rivals England and France plus all the others.


Date Time Event Channel
Saturday, Oct 26 7:00 PM England vs New ZealandKayo / Fox Sports / Channel 10
Sunday, Oct 27 8:00 PM Wales vs South AfricaKayo / Fox Sports

Third-placed playoff

Date Time Event Channel
Friday, Nov 1 8:00 PM 3RD: Wales v New Zealand Kayo / Fox Sports / Channel 10


Date Time Event Channel
Saturday, Nov 2 8:00 PM FINAL: South Africa v England Kayo / Fox Sports / Channel 10

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