Broadband Bundles – Which Providers are Worth the Hype?

It’s a great time to be looking for a broadband plan in Australia. With the rollout of the NBN in full swing, new providers have stepped onto the scene, adding an element of competition that has seen some fierce competition. Where ISPs were once complacent, they now have to compete to get your attention and your hard-earned dollars. One of the benefits has been an increase in value-adding extras in the form of bundles. Once a footnote on the ISP sales sheet, the humble bundle deal is now at the forefront. Ain’t competition great?

When once your broadband plan was focused solely on price and data caps, there’s now a whole lot more to consider. Not only are the NBN speed tiers making their presence felt, but providers are now acknowledging that different people use the internet in different ways. The five ISP bundles featured here are all about the extra stuff. Just what kind of stuff depends on what you’re really looking for in a package.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Internet + calls

If you’re the sort of person who loves to sit on the phone for hours and chat with friends – and especially if most of those friends are on mobile phones – you’ll appreciate the bundles from several providers that take all the worry out of both the phone and internet bill in one neat little package for a fixed monthly fee.

Internet + entertainment

If you’re entertainment-minded, you can turn your attention to the grand streaming TV battle, involving the likes of Fetch TV, Netflix, Telstra TV, and Foxtel. ISPs are battling it out on the front and want to give you broadband to stream and a subscription to watch it on. Most offerings seem to have become far more focused in recent times, providing sensible solutions at a great price, and acknowledging that with the rise of Netflix,  Stan and Foxtel Now, people are using more data than ever before.

Internet + cool gadgets

Once upon a time, ISPs used to hook up your internet and leave you to it. These days, every provider offers an NBN-ready modem with their bundles. To try and stand out of the pack, the quick ones are stepping up their offerings, including devices like set-top boxes, smart modems and more.

The Top Five Broadband Bundles

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll be focusing on bundles that feature unlimited data, preferably on the NBN.

Get chatting with your Mate

New telco Mate Communicate makes the cut because of their uncapped nbn bundles. Our pick is the $75/month Best Mates NBN bundle, which offers a 50Mbps connection (standard evening speed of 30-50Mbps). They also offer unlimited local, national, and mobile calls to numbers within Australia. If that’s not fast enough for you, then better get their Soul Mates NBN bundle at $99/month, giving you typical evening speeds of between 60-100Mbps. All of Mate’s plans are month-to-month with no lock-in contract and no plan-change fees, and are BYO modem. If the NBN isn’t in your area then Mate will hook you up with their City Mates ADSL plan starting at $49/month or their Country Mates plan for $59/month. These deals get you the unlimited data, local and national calls, plus line rental. But calls to mobiles will cost an extra 40c/minute.

Need the basics? Try a Telstra bundle

Telstra’s Entertainment Bundle really delivers. For just $99/month, you get unlimited data, a speedy NBN tier (40Mbps typical evening speeds), the latest Telstra Smart Modem with 4G backup, and a Telstra TV set-top box.  This brilliant little box has a fine pedigree – it’s actually the acclaimed Roku streaming box that’s hugely popular in the US. It’s an app-based device that has support for all the major players – Netflix, Stan, hayu, and Foxtel Now. Speaking of the latter, this bundle also includes a 24-month subscription to Foxtel Now for free, plus access to BigPond Movies and pay-as-you-go calls. Making it a bundle with something for everybody!

Foxtel from Telstra

Cheapest way to get Foxtel
is through Telstra. Start watching the
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/mthover 12 mths

Telstra broadband bundles

Get Telstra TV + Unlimited Data and
start watching shows & movies
from Netflix, Foxtel Now, Stan, hayu,
free to air & more.

Want the premium experience? Try Tangerine

Tangerine are one of the most flexible broadband providers currently out there in market. They’re currently offering a 14 day risk free trial where if you don’t like their service offering, you can get out of your contract. You will get an NBN bundles with free calls to local, national and mobile calls, unlimited data $10 off your plan each month for 6 months, and a modem for $69.90. All of this with typical evening speed of 42 Mbps from only $49.90 per month. This offer is hard to look past. 

Get Unlimited NBN Plans That Pack A Punch!

Sign up now to start your risk free 14-day free trial + get $10 off every NBN plan for the first 6 months plus other perks. Plans start at $49.90/mth.

Fetch it with Aussie Broadband

It just makes sense to partner up a popular streaming service with a provider that’s known to have the best NBN speeds in the country. That’s exactly what makes the Aussie Broadband and Fetch TV bundle all the more worth it — you’re getting the best entertainment plus the fastest speeds, which means no downtime even during peak slowdown hours. Our recommended pairing is the Family plan bundled with either the Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty set-top box. These gives you unlimited data on the speedy NBN50 speed tier, plus access to the best shows and movies from the leading streaming providers and free to air channels.

Get Fetch TV & Stream with Australia’s Best NBN Speeds

Stream your favourite shows & movies from Australia’s leading providers with Fetch TV. Get your own box at $65/mth on a bundle.
Get the Best Broadband Bundle!

Compare Broadband Bundles

Compare the best and most inclusive broadband bundles across a wide range of broadband providers.

All-in-one utilities bill with Sumo

And last, but definitely not the least, is Sumo’s all-in utilities bundle. This one’s a unique one given that it bundles other basic utilities like gas and electricity with your internet connection. If you really think about it, it does make sense to just pay for one bill covering all these three necessities. What makes this setup even better is that as it is, Sumo’s broadband plans are already affordable and bundling them all up together makes it even cheaper.

Get More Savings with Sumo Broadband Bundles!

Save more when you bundle your NBN with gas & electricity starting at $60/mth or get standalone unlimited NBN plans from $70/mth.

Keep an Eye Out for the Best Deals!

When it comes to picking a bundle, you need to keep your want and needs in mind. There’s a lot of competition in this space — which means there’s a lot of options available for the savvy shopper. But it can take a bit of digging to find the bundles that give you what you want.

The easiest way to make sure you’re getting value for money in your bundle is to compare the inclusions and the price. And don’t forget, you can always call the provider to see what they might be able to throw in to sweeten the deal!

Lastly, make sure you check the fine print. Check out the service availability in your area. Give the critical information summaries a close look and make sure you have a good grasp on the total costs of any options or added extras. There are also setup fees, install costs, and early cancellation fees which can sometimes slip your notice.

And of course, feel free to ask anything you like in the comments below!


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