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Introducing Aussie Broadband

With their rapid growth since the arrival of the National Broadband Network (NBN), many might think that Aussie Broadband is a small internet provider that’s appeared out of nowhere and jumped on board for a piece of the action – but like all good success stories, this one’s got a lot more history behind it. Formed back in 2007 in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Aussie Broadband was the result of a merger between two local broadband companies that had been operating since 2003. That decade and a half of experience and evolution served the company well when the time came to transition to the NBN. Meeting the many challenges that smaller providers face when dealing with the NBN, Aussie got a reputation along the way for solving some of the biggest hassles that users had with the NBN – and all while maintaining a customer-first, “no bull” policy.

What Does Aussie Broadband Offer?

First and foremost among Aussie Broadband’s offerings are their NBN plans – and that’s where this innovative, forward-looking company really shines. The problem with the way the NBN is set up is the sheer number of points where customers connect to the network – there’s 121 of them around Australia. For most providers, that means connecting to a few (or even only one) and then borrowing data links owned by larger companies to connect up the rest. Aussie worked out early on that this wasn’t going to be good enough to guarantee congestion-free NBN (especially at peak evening times). So they built their own links to each and every one of those connection points – the result being that even at the busiest times of the day or night, Aussie’s NBN service gets the job done without the dreaded buffering!

Aside from the NBN, Aussie also offers services via ADSL and mobile (both voice and broadband). The firm focus of this company, however, is on the NBN.

Customer service is a big part of the Aussie Broadband way of doing things, with customer service and support centres entirely located in Australia – in both regional Victoria and in Adelaide.

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Get fast NBN with no lock-in contract

Stream faster with Aussie Broadband. Get a high quality NBN connection starting at just $55/mth with no lock-in contract.

Instant Signup

Depending on the NBN technology available where you are, Aussie can often get you connected within minutes, rather than hours or days. That’s especially the case for those lucky enough to be on Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) services, but regardless Aussie’s fully automated connection process will get the job done for you quickly and painlessly. If the NBN’s technicians need to come out to install cables or hardware it can take longer, but Aussie will keep you informed and get you up and running as soon as possible.

No Contracts, No Connection Fees

Unlike many Australian NBN providers, Aussie’s service is available with no contract at all, and no connection fee (aside from any costs imposed by the NBN itself). They’re confident that you’ll like the service enough to never think of leaving. The only contract plans offered by Aussie are 24-month ones that come with a high quality NBN-capable modem/router that’s yours to keep at the end of the term, but if you don’t need the modem, the same plans can be had contract-free.

Get Fetch TV with Aussie

Aussie Broadband has partnered up with Fetch to offer TV bundling with super fast broadband. Just imagine watching the best shows that streaming TV has to offer minus the hassle of dealing with peak slowdown hours. Well, imagine no more because this is exactly what this bundle has to offer. All you need to do is add $10/month on top of your Aussie Broadband plan to get a Fetch Mini bundled in, or $15/month for the more powerful Fetch TV Mighty box.

Get Fetch TV with Aussie Broadband

Stream your favourite shows & movies through one of Australia’s leading broadband providers with Fetch TV. Bundle your internet connection with your own set-top box from as little as $65/mth.

Home Phone

Aussie lets you bring your old home phone number across to the NBN and sets up a line for you at no cost, but if you want to make calls from it, it’s a simple choice between a $10/month pack with unlimited national calls, or a $20/month pack that adds unlimited calls to mobiles in Australia.

Mobile Phone

While they’re not offered as a bundle with Aussie’s NBN broadband, mobile phone plans with generous data limits, unlimited calls and SMS and low monthly rates are available from Aussie. Plans include a $39/month offering with 10GB of data, representing great value. Aussie’s mobile services run on the acclaimed Telstra network.

Seniors NBN

There are very few internet providers these days that cater specifically for seniors, but Aussie’s got that covered with a set of three packages especially designed for the older members of our community. There’s two NBN phone plans as well as one that bundles phone and internet, and getting set up with them is as easy as giving Aussie’s customer team a call. They’ll take care of everything from there!

Small Business

If you’re running your own small business, Aussie can look after you with either their high quality NBN service or a range of other offerings including phone systems and mobile broadband. Business customers receive priority support from Aussie’s dedicated team.

Super-Fast Fibre NBN

Aussie Broadband is the only internet provider in Australia to offer NBN speeds higher than the usual maximum of 100 Mbps, for customers who are connected via FTTP in selected areas. Speeds of 150 Mbps and even a blazingly fast 250 Mbps are on offer (both with 100 Mbps upload speeds) depending on location. Aussie’s customer service team will be able to let you know whether these speeds are available to you.

Best NBN Speeds in Australia

The ACCC has been monitoring real-world speed results from a range of internet providers big and small. Out of the six top providers they rated for NBN speed, Aussie Broadband came out on top, delivering the fastest NBN speeds in Australia. Aussie Broadband also won the Best Broadband Provider award at the 2018 Edison Awards.

Build Your Own Plan

If none of the plans on offer quite suit what you’re after from your NBN service, don’t worry – Aussie lets you build an NBN plan that’s tailored exactly to your needs. Pick your speed, data limit (or unlimited data) and your home phone options and you’re good to go – all without a lock-in contract.

Contact Aussie Broadband

If you’ve got any questions about Aussie’s plans, or ever need technical support for their services; their friendly, helpful customer contact centre can be found on 1300 880 905 from 8am to 11pm weekdays and 9am to 7pm on weekends.

Aussie Broadband Review

Ever since the NBN went live and started rolling out across Australia, we’ve seen a huge influx of new internet providers, big and small. But the name that’s made the biggest impression is also one of the most ambitious. Meet Aussie Broadband – a company with an eye firmly on quality service and customer happiness that’s winning awards as it grows.

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