• 10 Absolutely Crazy TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Netflix

    Do you ever get bored of watching the same type of show over and over again? Tired of predictable plot twists and lame cliffhangers? Well then, you’re in for a treat. Netflix hosts a great deal of both TV series and movies that are totally and completely bonkers. From a seemingly boring teen drama to a complex movie about addiction, we’ve listed them all below. Bookmark this page and come back next time you’re craving to spice up your watch list.
  • Best Movies to Stream on Stan during Rainy Days

    There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending a rainy day indoors, watching a good movie, with a big bowl of popcorn in your lap. If you’re planning a marathon, here are our top picks of movies to stream on Stan.
  • Top 6 TV Shows That Just Arrived on Netflix

    Netflix just rolled out a brand new batch of TV shows perfect for a day spent entirely on the couch indulging in a marathon or two…
  • The Best New Releases on Presto for April

    April brought a plethora of new shows on Presto and it’s quite a challenge to choose from so many brilliant dramas and heart-warming comedies. To help you pick just the right ones, here’s a list of the best new releases on Presto.
  • 2015 Renewed TV Shows: Which Series Made the Cut?

    Find out whether your favourite shows will get shot at another season or not – we’ve got all the details!
  • Best Exploring Earth Documentaries to Stream on Stan

    Streaming service Stan has a lot to offer when it comes to incredible exploring earth documentaries to indulge in. From David Attenborough to Michael Palin and Dr Mike Leahy, there are dozens of great pieces of film to watch and enjoy. Here are just a few of our favourites.
  • Top 10 Animation Movies to Watch on Stan

    Whether your age is in single digits or you’ve far passed the era when you had a bedtime, animated movies can always put a smile on your face; regardless if you’re in their intended target audience or not. Here are 10 animation movies available to stream now on Stan that you should be watching.
  • The Best Superheroes Movies You Can Find on Presto

    Whether you are a closeted geek or a proud one, superhero movies must be your religion. Presto is streaming some of the very best ones, so whenever you need a pick me up, you can choose from these epic films.
  • Gripping Epic Battle Movies to Watch on Presto

    Whether we’re talking about great ancient heroes or simple men who rise to the occasion when need be, a battle scene can make or break a movie. Put your game face on and watch these gripping epic battle movies, all streaming now on Presto.
  • Yummy New Food Series from Netflix to Premiere This April

    The first docu-series from Netflix, Chef’s Table, looks deliciously epic. The series is slated to debut April 26 worldwide, which means Australians will get the chance to drool in front of their screens while watching some of the world’s most renowned international chefs hard at work.
  • Ten Game of Thrones Episodes to Re-Watch before the Season 5 Premiere

    We’re one week away from the Game of Thrones season five premiere; and April 13 can’t get here fast enough. Here are 10 episodes you should re-watch to get ready.
  • Top 7 Dance Movies You Can Find on Presto

    If you are a dance buff or just a sucker for movies with lively music and groovy moves, then you must set aside at least one evening to enjoy some of the best dance movies of all times, streaming now on Presto.
  • Recap: How Did Game of Thrones Season 4 Leave Off?

    In preparation for the season five premiere, which will air on Monday, let’s take a look back and see what our favourite protagonists were up to at the end of the show’s fourth instalment.
  • “Based on True Story” Series and TV Movies You Can Stream on Presto

    Here are some of the best shows/movies streaming on Presto that are based on a true story.
  • 10 Romantic Comedies Available on Netflix for a Cozy Night In

    Here are ten of the best romantic comedies that you can now stream on Netflix. Just make sure you have popcorn and some tissues on hand.
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