Telstra Mobile

Introducing Telstra Mobile

With decades of experience in operating Australia’s largest and most technologically advanced mobile network, Telstra is the first choice for those who want the widest mobile coverage across the country. With so many people now choosing their mobile phone as their primary means of communication, reliability is everything – you want a network that just works, whether you’re in the heart of a capital city or out on a long, desolate stretch of highway.

What Makes Telstra Mobile Unique?

Telstra’s mobile network was Australia’s first, and has evolved with the latest technologies to make sure that customers get crystal-clear calls and lightning-fast mobile broadband across more of Australia than any other provider. Fresh innovations such as HD calling became available on the Telstra network first, and their advanced data network regularly reaches download speeds that make the wired NBN look sluggish by comparison. Already, the first 5G base stations are being installed ready for the exciting next generation of mobile devices.

Completing the connectivity picture is Telstra’s innovative addition of Wi-Fi access to their mobile plans in the form of Telstra Air, which gives customers a huge open WiFi network to take advantage of in order to save on mobile data costs. Leveraging on-street phone booths and special customer Wi-Fi equipment, Telstra Air gives customers gigabytes of extra data that doesn’t drain their precious mobile allowance. Even better, Telstra Mobile customers can use Fon wi-fi hotspots overseas to keep in touch without data roaming charges.

Get a GigaBonus from Telstra!

Enjoy Telstra’s huge data offering + bonus of up to 100GB on top of your data inclusions — only from the nation’s largest mobile network. BYO plans start from $49/mth or get a new phone from $59/mth.

How Does Telstra Mobile Innovate?

While Telstra has already established its credibility for top notch service in the last decades, it always has new innovations in the pipeline to enhance the customer experience. The network continues to grow in terms of accessibility, network features and coverage in accordance with customers’ changing needs. One of the latest developments is the Smart Modem, which leverages the efficiency and reliability of Telstra’s mobile network. Basically, the Smart Modem enables customers to automatically connect to Telstra’s mobile network if there is an outage on their home broadband network, even extended outages caused by relocation or switching to a new network.

The pre-activated SIM built into the Smart Modem can instantly connect you to the internet via 4G even with the temporary absence of your home network. And since the company’s mobile network is proven and tested to be solid and dependable at all times, there’s minimal to zero downtime. really.

Telstra’s Mobile Plans and Pricing

Telstra’s mobile pricing has become incredibly competitive in recent years, with large data allowances and unlimited calls available at competitive prices. Telstra Mobile plans give you access to the entire Telstra network, unlike the partial access that some third-party providers have. If you want the fastest download speeds and the best call quality, you’ll get it with Telstra Mobile.

Phone contract and lease plans are offered as long-term contracts (usually 24 months) while SIM Only plans can be had on a 12-month contract. More importantly, Telstra also now offers unlimited calls and texts on almost all plans, as well as generous data inclusions. They’re reasonably priced, and the assortment of prepaid plans available with big data caps on a month-to-month basis add flexibility for more occasional callers. Special deals are offered regularly, too – be sure to check out the latest news below for what’s currently available.

Telstra Mobile Plans

BYO Plan $69
  • Unlimited Calls & Text
  • 90GB Data
  • Sim Only Plan
Price includes $20/mth credit
Min Cost - $828 over 12 months

BYO Plan $59
  • Unlimited Calls & Text
  • 60GB Data
  • Sim Only Plan
Price includes $10/mth credit
Min Cost - $708 over 12 months

Any Bonuses for Going on a Contract?

While you’ll almost always get better overall value on a contract – even a SIM-only plan – Telstra’s been upping the stakes in the past year with some very tasty freebies on top of your monthly rate. Through partnerships with providers like Apple Music, the AFL and the NRL they’ve given customers free access to data-free streaming music and season-long access to streaming video of Australia’s biggest sports – AFL and AFLW footy and NRL rugby. You also get access to Netball, not to mention the A-League games as well. They also have regular offers of heavily discounted tickets to movies, concerts and other events via a new loyalty rewards program called Telstra Plus.

Contacting Telstra Mobile

To know more about the best mobile plans in the market backed by the nation’s largest mobile network, simply dial in 13 22 00 to get in touch with their customer service team.

Telstra Mobile Review: Do New Plans Mean Better Deals?

Telstra’s new mobile plans are designed to simplify your experience without affecting the excellent service customers have been accustomed to getting. With BYO plans that start from $49 and phone plans that start from $59 – packed with unlimited calls and huge data – joining Telstra’s already prevalent network is a no-brainer.

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Telstra Mobile News

Telstra Mobile Offers

30GB bonus data
on the BYO Plan $69 plan with Unlimited Calls & Text
12mth contract
30GB bonus data
on the BYO Plan $59 plan with Unlimited Calls & Text
12mth contract
$10/mth credit until you move to an ineligible plan, recontract or cancel your plan
on the Mobile Plan - $119 plan with Unlimited Calls & Text and a device included.
24mth contract