How to Watch Los Wild Ones 2013 Online in Australia

Released: 2013

Updated: 11th Oct, 2021

8.2 / 10

Rated: TV-MA

Director: Elise Salomon

Cast: Luis Arriaga, Gizzelle Bercera, Reb Kennedy, Victor Mendez

Where to watch Los Wild Ones

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What is Los Wild Ones about?

Wild Records is an LA indie music label comprised of young Hispanic musicians, it is run by Irishman, Reb Kennedy. Wild is an unconventional family, reminiscent of the early days of Sun Records, all of its musicians write and perform 50s Rock 'n Roll. If Wild is going to continue to grow and reach broader audiences, its current business model will cease to work.

The cast of Los Wild Ones

Luis Arriaga, Gizzelle Bercera, Reb Kennedy, Victor Mendez

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