How to Watch Lace Crater 2015 Online in Australia

Released: 2015

Updated: 25th Oct, 2021

5.3 / 10

Rated: Not Rated

Director: Harrison Atkins

Cast: Lindsay Burdge, Peter Vack, Jennifer Kim

Where to watch Lace Crater

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What is Lace Crater about?

Opting to sleep in the allegedly-haunted guest house while spending a weekend in the Hamptons with friends, Ruth, a lonely young woman in her mid-twenties who's had too much to drink, strikes up a conversation that leads to a sexual encounter with Michael, a burlap-draped ghost that casually appears before her. Through this inter-paranormal relation, Ruth contracts an STD with alarming effects.

The cast of Lace Crater

Lindsay Burdge, Peter Vack, Jennifer Kim

Lace Crater Trailer