How to Watch Farm-City, State 2013 Online in Australia

Released: 2013

Updated: 18th Oct, 2021

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Rated: N/A

Director: David Barrow

Cast: Brenton Johnson, Carol Ann Sayles, Jesse Griffiths, Dorsey Barger

Where to watch Farm-City, State

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What is Farm-City, State about?

What would a city look like if local farmers could feed the entire population of that city with healthy, organic, local food? How would this new-found bounty affect the local economy, the health of its citizens and help shape the community? What would need to happen for a community to produce and distribute enough food for the entire metropolitan area? Follow us into Austin, TX, a growing local food scene, which hopes to to build a community that will feed and educate as many people as possible. We will explore Austin through three storylines. We invite you to follow Brent Johnson, of Johnsons Backyard Garden, the largest urban farm in Austin, as he guides us through the farm's history, future plans and his goals for food in the Austin area. His goal is not only to feed Austin, but to educate its citizens about what they eat and how that food is grown. We will explore the social, political, economic and daily problems with achieving this goal. JBG's growth over the past 6 years symbolizes the growth of Austin's food economy and community. Also, we plan on following a local family through a 30 day adventure of sourcing and eating a local foods diet Their trials and tribulations will become an important test case for the market as a whole. A family of five will show us how to source, what are the issues and of course - how much does it cost? Most importantly, our overarching objective is to create a film that can be used to educate people in other cities on how to do something similar with their land and communities. Food moves through cities in many ways; In Austin food distribution, food accessibility, land preservation and consumer education are driving how food moves through the community.

The cast of Farm-City, State

Brenton Johnson, Carol Ann Sayles, Jesse Griffiths, Dorsey Barger

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