How to Watch Below the Surface Online in Australia

Seasons: N/A

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Updated: 7th Jun, 2021
Genres: Sci-Fi
Released: 2018–

The cast of Below the Surface

Robin Dunne, Dennis Hurley, Aggy K. Adams, Dan Payne

What is Below the Surface about?

In the year 2110, the world that once was would cease to exist. Global warming finally ran its course, causing the polar ice caps to dwindle away to nothing. Large-scale climate changes surged an infinite worldwide storm, leaving the planet overridden with water. The earth's extreme weather and towering rogue waves made it impossible to reside topside, forcing the human race below the surface... Before the great flood, all the countries of the world called on their greatest architectural scientists and structural engineers to design underwater, life sustaining cities called "Aquatic Metros". Buildings and biospheres that were equipped with hydroelectric energy generators, oxygen reprocessing units, hydroponic chambers, and salt water filtration/converter systems. More than half of the world's population didn't survive the storm. Chaos bled through the underwater cities as claustrophobia set in. Crime ran rampant as governments dissolved. Cultures blended, creating new societies and new governments, divided by oceans. This is where our story begins. Over a century after the earth was consumed, an adventuring SV pilot and explorer investigates the aquatic underworld for extraordinary riches aboard the submersible relic Pangea.

Where to watch Below the Surface

Below the Surface Trailer

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