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Telstra Mobile

Access to the best mobile network in the country with your current smartphone, plus a range of genuinely valuable extras.

Overall 90%

You probably know how frustrating it is to have a provider that doesn’t live up to your expectations in terms of coverage or speed. Waiting for a text reply for hours when the network’s too busy in your area to get the message to you right away.

With Telstra, all these issues will be history. We take a look at the telco’s best BYO plan for new customers to help you make a successful provider switch.

Issues with coverage are usually what lead people to search out a new mobile provider – and it’s hard to find a better option than Telstra Mobile. Telstra Mobile offers a huge mobile network that covers not only capital cities and major towns, but penetrates deep into the Australian heartland. In other words, it brings you the kind of coverage other providers are still trying to catch up to. Having reliable, fast 4G for web browsing while on the go is something well worth switching telcos for. So is that feeling of reassurance you get when you’re driving along a lonely highway in the middle of nowhere and, somehow, your Telstra phone has all bars full.

Of course, there are other perks of having a Telstra service besides the high-quality calls and data. But more on that in a moment.

Why go BYO?

Back in the day, the most cost-effective way to get onto a value mobile plan was to buy a new phone under contract. That’s not necessarily the case any more – especially when it comes to higher-end smartphones such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. If you’ve already got a smartphone you’re perfectly happy with you have the freedom to pick and choose between attractive BYO plans. There are some fantastic deals out there that not only rival contract plans, but very often beat them hands-down.

Telstra is no exception to this. The telco likes to spoil new customers with all sorts of delicious mobile plans that are likely to grab your eye. Plus Telstra deals bundle in some incredibly desirable extras as well. Also, “new customer” in Telstra’s case usually includes existing customers “recontracting” – agreeing to another 12 month term and getting new Telstra mobile deals in return.

Telstra Mobile Spring 2017 Offers

Select Telstra Mobile plans now come with a Foxtel Now subscription! From October 2017, Telstra Mobile customers are able to enjoy a completely free Foxtel Now subscription that will last them an entire year. The offer is available for the L and XL SIM-only plans, as well as for the L, XL, XXL, and Premium phone plans. Select your Starter packs and start binge-watching.

Great value awaits with Telstra Mobile!

Enjoy upfront plans with no lock-in, unmatched data allowances, no excess data charges, 5G network access on most plans, data sharing & free music streaming.

The best Telstra mobile plan for new customers

The secret weapon in Telstra’s arsenal of BYO plans is actually a variation on a plan anyone can get. The standard “M” plan costs $59 per month and offers 15GB of data along with unlimited calls and texts within Australia. But the new-customer-only “Mx” plan is one you won’t find in stores. It’s only available online, and there’s a reason for that.

Priced at a keen $49/month, the Mx plan gives you exactly the same call inclusions as its big brother “M” plan and 10GB data, but with one key difference aside from the “new customer” requirement. The “M” plan includes in-store and call centre support as well as access to a paper bill ($2.20 each if you want them) and being able to pay your bills over the counter (which attracts a $1 charge). But the “Mx” plan requires you to self-manage your account online – no calling support.

While this sounds punishing, it’s actually totally fine – Telstra’s excellent “24/7” app lets you manage your account, track your usage and pay your bills. Moreover, support is available 24 hours a day via live text chat. In our experience, that’s actually a far better (and quicker) way to get in touch with the help center. No more waiting on hold!

This plan puts you on the full Telstra network, with access to the network’s entire coverage spectrum and full-speed 4Gx data alongside it.

Telstra perks to win you over

We mentioned some rather desirable perks and we meant it. Telstra’s really gone all-out to make sure you feel good about being a customer, and occasionally throws in extras over and above what’s already offered (such as the recent offer free Foxtel Now to customers on selected plans).

Telstra mobile plans come with six months’ subscription to Apple Music at no charge. That’s $72 you save on that service right there. After the six months are up, if you want to continue the service you can have Telstra simply add the cost to your bill rather than having to sign up again with Apple. All Apple Music streaming is unmetered, too. Listen all day and night and your data limit won’t shrink one bit.

Customers also get two new-release movie rentals through Bigpond Movies to enjoy on your big-screen TV thanks to the Bigpond Movies app’s new Chromecast support. Furthermore, you can enjoy a free movie rental every week as part of Telstra’s “Thanks” program (which also offers discounted movie tickets and more). You get 200GB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage for all your stuff. You have free access to Telstra Air Wi-Fi hotspots around the country, as well as 19 million Fon spots overseas.

And as if all that wasn’t great enough, you now get full success to every AFL, NRL and Netball game this season. Everything streamed live to your smartphone without taking a single byte off your data allowance. AFL and NRL fans also get a free full subscription to the AFL and NRL smartphone apps for the live streams, replays, scores and more. Those two subscriptions are worth $90 each, but you get them free as a Telstra customer.

Is Telstra right for me?

If the combination of best-in-class coverage and a fast, powerful data network is important to you, you owe it to yourself to consider one of the Telstra BYO plans and give your smartphone the speed-up it deserves. The Mx plan offers outstanding value for the quality of service. You should definitely give it a go. Or, ig your budget is heftier, go with one of the L ($79) or XL ($79) plan to get the free Foxtel Now subscription and enjoy Foxtel content both live and on demand!

All your streaming services in one place

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