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At last, a broadband provider that looks like it’s trying to press all my buttons.…

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If keeping it nice and simple – and not having to agree to a contract if you don’t want to – sounds good, then give Belong a buzz on 1300 710 100 to find out more!

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Why I want to belong with Belong

At last, a broadband provider that looks like it’s trying to press all my buttons.

During our investigation into the Top 5 broadband plans for gamers, families, singles, streaming and everyday downloading, there were a few points that kept cropping up.

In every case, I wanted a reliable connection with fast speeds. I wanted decent data allowances. And I didn’t want to have to sign up for an extended period. Nor did I want to have to pay to break a contract if circumstances changed – which they frequently do.

I wanted it all

Now there’s a new offering from Telstra. It’s called Belong. And the company says it does all of the above.

Just thinking about it makes me giddy. No more fretting over dropped connections or data caps. No more stressing about moving costs or termination fees. Just a monthly payment and BOOM – internet for days.

To be fair, things have gotten better over these last few years. There are a lot of deals out there that offer most of what I want. But never the whole shebang.

Compare Telstra Broadband Plans

Affordable, reliable and full of features

And there’s usually a catch

It’s sort of like the the Aldi-to-Woolworths comparison. Sure, the prices are lower and the content looks the same – but there’s an obvious difference.

It could be that they want to bundle my broadband plan with a landline or mobile service. Or that there’s a huge connection fee. Or the service only works with a supplied modem – which cost more.

So you can understand why I’m a little wary of a service that seems to have it all.

With that in mind, it’s time we took a good long look at what Belong has on offer.

What does Belong deliver?

Currently, the broadband provider only has two plans available – Regular and Large – across both ADSL2 and the NBN.

PlanDataMonthly ContractCost/GB
Plan: Regular ADSL2Data: 100GBMonthly Contract: $60.00Cost/GB: 0.04¢ per MB
Plan: Regular ADSL2 (contract)Data: 100GBMonthly Contract: $55.00Cost/GB: 0.04¢ per MB
Plan: Regular NBNData: 100GBMonthly Contract: $55.00Cost/GB: 0.05¢ per MB
Plan: Regular NBN (contract)Data: 100GBMonthly Contract: $50.00Cost/GB: 0.04¢ per MB
Plan: Large NBNData: UnlimitedMonthly Contract: $70.00Cost/GB: Unlimited
Plan: Large NBN (contract)Data: UnlimitedMonthly Contract: $65.00Cost/GB: Unlimited
With all plans, you can choose to sign up for a 12-month contract. This cuts the monthly fees by $5 a month for the first 12 months and gets you the WiFi modem for free. But then you’re subject to a pro rata Early Termination Charge of $20 for each month left on your contract.

The ADSL2 plans bundle a home phone line rental into the service. If you already have an active Telstra line connected, you can save $20 a month on the above rates. However, you will need an active Telstra line for this service, and that’s usually $25 a month.

The ADSL2 plan allows basic phone call services. This lets you receive calls from any source, and make outbound local (STD) calls and calls to 000, 1223 (free directory assistance), 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers.

There are no calls included in the NBN package. However, subscribers on both packages can purchase a Belong Voice pack for $10/month. For NBN subscribers this comes in the form of a voice call app that enables national and international calls over the internet. While for ADSL subscribers, the pack delivers international and non-standard calls on top of the calls listed above.

The NBN plans offer monthly “speed boosts” that shift download speeds from a top of 12Mbps to 25Mbps for $10/month or up to 100mbps for $30/month.

Sounds good. Where is the catch?

Well, there are a few.

First, as mentioned above, you have to have an active Telstra Landline to make use of the ADSL2 plans. This means you have to have the line installed, or already active.

Second, while you have the option of un-bundling your phone line rental from your Belong ADSL2 plan, at the time of writing, the next closest Telstra plan starts at $24.95/month.

And lastly, the modem. It looks to be a top-quality WiFi unit, and comes complete with the software to initiate setup and installation. But it’s $60 straight off the bat – unless you subscribe to a 12-month contract. This is a sticking point for those of us who already have a modem, and know how to set up a broadband connection.

The Pros

Tier 1 Telco
Monthly contracts, no lock-in
Better value than Telstra plans
No standard activation fees
No broadband connection fees
No over-usage fees (shaping to 256kbps)
No activation fee

The Cons

Must have active Telstra line for ADSL2
Land line rental bundle is hidden in ADSL price
No built-in call options for NBN
NBN and ADSL2 availability is limited outside commercial and residential centres
Provided WiFi modem costs $60 unless you sign on a 12-month contract
Costly to sign up for one month
Fee waiving is for a limited time only
Fee waiver on new line connections does not include trenching or non-standard cabling

Let’s sum up

Here are the costs for the basic plans if you signed up for just one month, with no add-ons or extras.

PlanMonthly cost
(first 12 months)
Modem costMinimum cost over 12 months
Plan: Regular ADSLMonthly cost
(first 12 months):
Modem cost: $60.00Minimum cost
over 12 months:
Plan: Regular ADSL (contract)Monthly cost
(first 12 months):
Modem cost: $0.00Minimum cost
over 12 months:
Plan: Large ADSLMonthly cost
(first 12 months):
Modem cost: $60.00Minimum cost
over 12 months:
Plan: Large ADSL (contract)Monthly cost
(first 12 months):
Modem cost: $0.00Minimum cost
over 12 months:
Plan: Regular NBNMonthly cost
(first 12 months):
Modem cost: $60.00Minimum cost
over 12 months:
Plan: Regular NBN (contract)Monthly cost
(first 12 months):
Modem cost: $0.00Minimum cost
over 12 months:
Plan: Large NBNMonthly cost
(first 12 months):
Modem cost: $60.00Minimum cost
over 12 months:
Plan: Large NBN (contract)Monthly cost
(first 12 months):
Modem cost: $0.00Minimum cost
over 12 months:

Who belongs with Belong?

There are several use case where Belong stands out.

You are moving to a new place and you need broadband fast.

This deal is for you! No wondering about overage costs or line rental fees. No fudging around over one-time activation costs. If there’s a Telstra line in place, your done. Just plug in the modem, install, and away you go. And if you want to save a little, the contract options will let you take $5 off each month.

You’re renting a place – but don’t know how long for.

This is a problem faced by students, contract workers, travelling artists, and remote employees across the country. You might be renting in a location that’s convenient for work, study or long-term holiday. But what happens to your broadband plan when you’re done? Under any other plan, you’d have to pay a Early Termination Charge. With Belong’s month-to-month option, your obligations end at the end of each calendar month.

Unlimited Data with Belong

Only $60/month on the NBN + Unlimited Broadband Data + $0 Wi-Fi modern & standard activation
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  1. Troy June 23, 2016 at 12:58 am - Reply

    I have just signed up for belong,because tpg & dodo have no vacant ports and I didn’t pass Telstra’s credit check, ass they have ports available,the rep told me about their sister co called belong! Once it’s all up and running I’ll let you no how they good there service is

  2. melody July 4, 2016 at 9:29 am - Reply

    we signed up thinking we had a great deal, but after finding out going calls weren’t included& poor call center service, we changed to Telstra and were slapped with a $200 early termination fee! We had thought it was just a month by month with no hassles (which in our belief meant costs etc) Still reading through the fine print and attempting to find this clause : ( Not happy with Belong at all! Lesson- be wary if its too good to be true then its not- and read carefully before joining

    • Anthony Horan July 4, 2016 at 6:24 pm - Reply

      “Read carefully” is the best advice when signing up for a fixed-term plan (which is effectively a contract). Every ISP has to provide what’s known as a “Critical Information Summary” (CIS) on their web site for each plan, written in plain English, and that will outline what fees may apply for cancelling early. In the case of Belong, the relevant bit is under the heading “What happens if I cancel my Belong service?” and it includes the following:

      “If you’re on a 12 month fixed term plan and you cancel after activation but before the 12 month term has ended, you’ll be charged an Early Termination Charge (ETC), The maximum ETC is $240 and decreases by $20 each billing month.”

      Belong does offer a month-by-month option which has no early termination fee, but with a contract you will find every provider charges one if you leave before your contracted period is up. You’ll find that Telstra also has an ETC condition, by the way 🙂

  3. tom October 5, 2016 at 6:07 pm - Reply

    customer rep offered a connection at the earliest and date is end of this month. tried contacting customer service last 2 days. no response even after 1 hour waiting ! pathetic service !!

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