OVO Mobile

Bringing something different to the prepaid mobile phone arena, OVO Mobile is also one of Australia’s newest mobile providers, having launched in March 2016. The market they entered was already crowded with options, but OVO opted to keep their mobile pricing simple and straightforward and distinguish themselves via an unusual extra feature that’s actually built right into the brand, rather than being the usual limited special offer.

OVO’s trump card is OVOPlay, a video streaming service that’s made deals with several sporting codes to offer live streams, on-demand video and interactive content. OVOPlay can be accessed for free by every OVO mobile customer both via a web site and through iOS and Android apps.

The company’s SIM offerings place an emphasis on generous data allowances, with their data-only plans for tablets stretching to 50GB per month. Larger plans include unlimited calls, texts and MMS within Australia – the only difference is the amount of data that’s included.

At the moment, OVO doesn’t sell phones of any kind – no matter which plan you pick, you’ll be bringing your own phone. OVO uses the Optus 4G Plus network for calls and fast data.


8GB + unlimited calls/texts + 300 int mins

Sports Available on OVOPlay

With plans to expand in the future, OVOPlay currently features coverage of V8 Supercars, Audi Sport Customer Racing Australia and Gymnastics Australia events. The Supercars coverage extends to providing customisable live in-car telemetry data during races, too. Those curious about whether OVOPlay is for them can try it out for four hours free of charge on the OVO web site, with no need to sign up.

OVO Mobile Review: OVO Mobile

They’re not the cheapest prepaid provider around by a long way, but OVO’s attempt at something new by providing an interactive streaming service for sports fans that a lot of people are going to love is a refreshing change. Definitely worth considering if you want to take your passion for all things sporty with you!

OVO Mobile FAQs

Streaming video of any kind can take a big chunk out of your monthly data allowance, so it’s great to see that OVO offers all of its OVOPlay content completely unmetered – stream all day anywhere you happen to be and it won’t count against your monthly data allowance.
Under OVO’s standard plans, no, you can only call and text to numbers within Australia. However, they do offer an additional package – called OVO Extras – that lets you add credit of between $5 and $20 to your account for making call and sending texts to overseas numbers.
While “data rollover” plans (where unused data from one month’s recharge is added to the next) are becoming increasingly common, OVO doesn’t offer rollover at the moment. It’s best to drop to a cheaper, lower-data plan if you can’t use up the allowance.

Latest News

  • OVO Mobile offers Australias largest prepaid mobile data plan

OVO Mobile Offers Australia’s Biggest Prepaid Mobile Data Plan

OVO's new mobile broadband plan comes with a massive 100GB. Plus, it doesn't require weeks or months of waiting to get connected and is connection fee-free, with no lock-in contracts.

  • OVO Offers Unlimited 4G Mobile Plans with Big Savings

OVO Offers Unlimited 4G Mobile Plans with Big Savings: Compare Costs Today

It’s often hard to find a mobile provider that can offer a decent amount of fast 4G data alongside unlimited calls, but OVO does exactly that – and throws in a free streaming service as a bonus!

  • OVO Mobile clients get international minutes

OVO Mobile Offers international Minutes with Select Plans

OVO Mobile offers tons of perks – unlimited OVO time, generous data inclusions, unlimited calls on most plans. Now you can add international minutes into the mix.

  • OVO Mobile has a 70GB plan for fans of big data

OVO Mobile now Offers a 70GB Plan for Big Data fans!

OVO Mobile recently announced the launch of their Mega data-only plan, which comes packed with 70GB to use anytime. Ideal for those who stream or download a lot.

  • Listen to radio completely data-free with OVO Mobile

Listen to Radio completely data-free with OVO Mobile

OVO Mobile users can now listen to 58 radio stations without worrying about exceeding their data allowance. Read on to find out more.

  • Enjoy heaps of data with OVO Mobile’s data plans

Enjoy heaps of data with OVO Mobile’s data plans

If you're looking for a great value data plan, you can't go wrong with OVO Mobile. The telco has a wide range of plans on offer, including one that won't expire for an entire year.