Telstra TV Launches Powerful New Third-Generation Model

Since its launch some four years ago, the Telstra TV has become an immensely popular way for people to turn their TV into a smart streaming hub, with everything you need to join the streaming revolution packed into the one small, easy-to-use box.

2017’s second-generation Telstra TV took the concept a step further, adding support for live broadcast TV direct from your antenna, along with smart content suggestions and the ability to search for content across multiple different streaming services and providers. We liked it a lot when we got to try it out for ourselves, and going by the amount of them that were sold, so did everyone else – over 1.4 million Telstra TVs are now out there in customers’ homes.

Designed to be Easy – and Smart

One part of the winning formula behind Telstra TV has been that it’s designed and made by the world’s leading designer of TV streaming devices – Roku. And in 2019, Telstra TV gets to take advantage of the latest Roku tech yet again, with the arrival of the third-generation Telstra TV, which arrives this month accompanied by new broadband plans.

The latest evolution of Telstra TV looks like the second-generation box – but it’s smaller, thinner and easy to hide in an out-of-the-way location, something that’s even easier to do thanks to the “point anywhere” remote, which works via wi-fi rather than infra-red. And under the hood, there’s a device that’s the most powerful and capable Telstra TV yet, with very handy new feature that you’ll only find on the new model.

Stream TV with the Telstra TV 3

Stream Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, Kayo, free to air, and more with the Telstra TV 3! Get $125 worth of Telstra TV Box Office credits when you buy outright for $216, $9/mth for 24mths, or with a $99 Telstra broadband bundle.
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Talk to Your Telstra TV

The universal “smart search” feature of the Telstra TV 2 has been carried over and enhanced on the new model, with the addition of a remote control that’s now got a microphone built right in, so you can control the Telstra TV 3 using your voice. Whether you’re wanting to search for a movie title, actor or anything else, you can pick up the remote and simply ask, and the results will appear on your screen (and like before, the search works across all your streaming services, from Netflix and Stan to Foxtel Now, free-to-air TV and the newly-launched Telstra TV Box Office (formerly Bigpond Movies)). To help new Telstra TV 3 owners feel welcome, new Telstra Home Broadband customers that add the Telstra TV 3 get a $125 credit for Telstra TV Box Office with the device – enough to rent 20 standard definition movies.

That voice search doesn’t expect you to change the way you speak, either – it’s been specially designed for use by Australian customers, so if you pick up the remote and ask it to “chuck on Netflix” it’ll know exactly what you mean!

And one more new feature, especially handy for those who don’t like juggling remote controls: the Telstra TV 3 remote can also turn your TV on and off and control the volume.

Stream All the Things

As with previous models, Telstra TV 3 comes with all the apps needed to get streaming without hassle – Netflix, Stan, hayu, DocPlay, YouTube and more. There’s also the acclaimed new sports streaming service Kayo, with its advanced streaming features that will be able to take full advantage of the increased power of the Telstra TV 3. You can subscribe to Kayo directly from your Telstra TV 3 as well, and have it conveniently added to your regular Telstra bill.

Telstra TV is also home to a superb Foxtel Now app, which lets you stream Foxtel channels live and on demand with a simple monthly subscription (again, directly available via the device). Telstra TV is the only platform that has apps for every major streaming service, including Foxtel Now, all in the one place – making it an ideal central hub for home entertainment that’s far more versatile and fully featured than even the smartest of smart TVs.

Of course, the new Telstra TV fully supports the latest 4K TVs and will let you stream at that extremely high quality where it’s available, including Netflix.

Video Review of the New Telstra TV 3

Getting Your Hands on a Telstra TV 3

At launch, the Telstra TV 3 will be available to add to your Telstra Home Broadband plan for only $9 per month – or, if you’d prefer to buy it outright, you can own one for a one-off $216.

No matter which way you choose to get it, Telstra TV 3 is looking like a must-have device for anyone who spends as much time with streaming TV as they do with free-to-air and Foxtel. As a central smart hub for everything to do with entertainment and sport, now enhanced to be even easier and friendlier to use, it’s everything you need.


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