Bigpond Movies Makes Way for Telstra TV Box Office

Telstra TV Box Office

For over a decade, Bigpond Movies has been a brand familiar to fans of filmed entertainment right across Australia. It’s a name that represents the last visible sign of the famous Bigpond moniker, which was once the signature stamped on all of Telstra’s digital companies, from internet to music downloads. Bigpond Movies has been around so long it has a history that includes renting DVDs by mail (a service that stopped when they went completely digital in 2011). The familiar name will finally be gracefully retired this week, as Bigpond Movies launches into a new era with a brand-new name – Telstra TV Box Office.

How is Telstra TV Box Office Different?

As the new name strongly suggests, Telstra TV Box Office will have very strong ties with – and integration into – the popular range of Telstra TV streaming boxes. The latest of those – Telstra TV 3 – also launches this week alongside the new movie store brand, and it’s the smart, universal search feature on that box that’ll bring you to Telstra TV Box Office on a regular basis.

Imagine, for example, picking up your Telstra TV remote control, pressing a button and saying “show me movies starring Bradley Cooper.” The result is a screen full of Bradley Cooper movies found on different streaming services, from Netflix to Foxtel Now – as well as more recent movies that are fresh out of cinemas and available to rent or buy. So alongside results for all those streaming services, you’d see a link to A Star Is Born in the Telstra TV Box Office store and be able to rent it (or buy a digital copy of it to keep) at the touch of a button.

Telstra TV Box Office, then, basically turns your Telstra TV device into your own personal video kiosk, without you ever having to leave home. With the help of the Telstra TV 3’s voice search you can just ask for a movie by name, actor, director, genre, year or anything else, then rent or buy it without ever getting up off the couch. No longer is there any need to deal with video rental vending machines and remembering to return what you’ve watched. Thanks, technology!

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What Movies Does Telstra TV Box Office Have?

Alongside the classics that you’d expect to find in any good library of movies to rent or buy, the big drawcard with Telstra TV Box Office are the movies that have only just left cinemas and are still very much current, exciting titles. Whether it’s Oscar-nominated blockbusters like Bohemian Rhapsody, First Man and A Star Is Born, the up-front action of Bad Times at the El Royale and The Girl in the Spider’s Web or acclaimed dramas like Boy Erased and Ladies in Black, there’s plenty of fresh movie entertainment ready to rent or buy – with new titles added every week.

What Does This Mean for Existing Customers?

While the shiny new brand name and logo are, in Telstra’s words, the first stage of a range of future enhancements to the service, they haven’t forgotten that Bigpond Movies has had hundreds of thousands of loyal customers over the years – and many of those customers have bought digital movies or TV shows to keep. So, what does the name change mean for them?

The good news is that nothing changes. You’ll still be able to access your library of movies and TV shows as usual – you’ll just be doing so via a brand-new web site as well as freshly updated apps with the new look and brand.

Your existing Bigpond Movies login and password will still work on the new Telstra TV Box Office service, and as well as your library of movies and TV, any rentals and credits you have on your account will carry over to the new service just fine.

With over a decade of delivering movies to customers and as one of Australia’s pioneering digital movie stores, the freshly-named Telstra TV Box Office is still the perfect place to build up a library of movies and TV to stream wherever you like – whether that’s on your phone or tablet while travelling, or in high definition on your big screen TV at home via the new Telstra TV 3.

Where is Telstra TV Box Office Available?

As with Bigpond Movies, you’ll find Telstra TV Box Office on a range of devices – and while its natural home is on the Telstra TV 3 box, you’ll be able to rent, buy and view movies and TV using the apps available for iOS and Android phones and tablets, a range of supported Smart TVs, and of course via modern web browsers on your desktop or laptop computer.