Expect More Club Rugby on OVOPlay After Brumbies Success

Following the success of OVO’s partnership with Brumbies Rugby after wrapping up the championship games of the Griffin Legal John I Dent Cup, fans can certainly expect more exciting things to come as OVOPlay becomes the new home of club rugby broadcasting. 

OVOPlay aimed to bring grass roots rugby to their subscribers, which began with their digital broadcasting deal with Brumbies Rugby to deliver the John I Dent Cup — known as the premier division of the ACTRU. With this agreement, which started in July, Brumbies Rugby delivers and broadcasts each Match of the Week from the ACT Club Rugby John I Dent Cup on OVOPlay. This broadcast also featured highlights, interviews, and behind the scenes footage —– all made available free to air for Australians and data-free for OVO mobile subscribers.

Following the success of the digital broadcasting of other sports, like streaming gymnastics and motorsports, OVO also expects further growth of the ACT Club Rugby community, as well as the expansion of the rugby channel on OVOPlay. In an interview, OVO CEO Matt Jones was quoted saying, “As we grow the rugby channel on OVOPlay, it’ll continue to bring more competitions across the country together, offering data-free access to amazing matches and content that fans would never normally get to see.”

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What’s Next on OVOPlay?

Joining the likes of gymnastics, waterpolo, and motorsports, there’s definitely a whole lot more live sports that you can tune into on OVOPlay. Apart from tuning in to watch all the Brumbies broadcasting of the John I Dent Cup, you can also tune in to the following sport events:

  • Aussie Racing Honeywell Garrett Jamboree — don’t miss the Sport Compact Drag Racing and Show Spectacular happening this month.
  • 400 Thunder — catch up on the Nitro Up North broadcast.

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Of course, you can also access OVOPlay via their website and start watching on-demand content for free in SD without any registration or OVO subscription needed. If you do want it in HD, you’ll just have to register for free to access both live and on-demand sports content through their website.

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