Belong Broadband Offers Affordable NBN Broadband

Whether you’ve just moved house or you’ve decided to look for a better-value broadband service, you’ll be all too familiar with the confusion of comparing ISP offerings.

There’s a bunch of different plans – all with different inclusions, exclusions and fine print… there’s got to be an easier way to just get connected, right?

Behind Belong

With all of that firmly in mind, Telstra came up with a sensible solution in an unconventional way – they created a brand new ISP. The result is Belong Broadband, which started off on a small scale offering no-hassles broadband to selected areas, and has since grown to become a proper customer-facing ISP in its own right. The focus of the company – from their bold, bright and clear web site to their easy-to-digest pricing – is on simplicity and clarity in its advertising, and on the high quality and reliability of its service.

Offering both ADSL and (in areas that have access to it) NBN connections, Belong prices are based on the monthly data allowance included, the length of your contract and (in the case of the NBN) the connection speed, enabling you to pick a package that suits your needs without paying more than you need to. They’ve got all bases covered, too – an entry-level 100GB tier for light users, and a huge unlimited data offering for those that consume large amounts of data – very important in this new Netflix age!

All packages are available contract and obligation free, or if you’re certain you’re going to stay connected for a year, a discounted 12-month contract has been added to Belong’s current offerings and plans – bringing with it a quality Sagemcom Wi-Fi modem/router that can be had for the rather keen price of $0.

So are you the sort of person who’d benefit from Belong? Let’s take a look at the top three people that could benefit from this hassle-free way of getting online.

Unlimited Data with Belong

Get unlimited NBN data + a free WiFi modem for just $60/month. Zero standard activation fees!

The Renter

More and more people are choosing to rent a house or apartment these days rather than buy – but it does come with a higher level of uncertainty when considering long-term contracts. If you’re living on a lease that may or may not be renewed, the last thing you want to be doing is committing to a contract for anything that’s tied to the place you’re living in!

Belong’s no-contract offering is a great solution for renters, especially since there is no activation or installation fee – something that’s incredibly rare for any ISP.

The ADSL month-by-month pricing (which includes home phone line rental) starts at $60 for 100GB, and unlimited data for an extra $10. On the month-by-month plans there’s a one-off $60 charge for the modem/router (which you get to keep, by the way!) and after that, you can cancel at any time with no penalty. This makes it a perfect choice even for those who know they’re going to be moving house soon, as each month is paid up-front and there’s no termination fee of any kind. It’s win-win!

The Netflix, Amazon, Stan Addict

The arrival of streaming video services like Netflix, Stan and Amazon in Australia has been something of a revolution, with over 3 million people regularly getting their TV and movie entertainment from these SVOD services instead of old-fashioned free-to-air TV or pay TV. And that’s no surprise – having the ability to watch an entire series in one go, or pick and choose what you want to watch and when, that’s empowering. But it does come at a price, and that price is data usage, and plenty of it.

Belong Broadband Offers Affordable NBN Broadband
With high definition streams coming in at around 3GB per hour, you can imagine it quickly adds up. That’s where Belong can help, thanks to their larger data-cap tiers that represent great value on top of the normal service. Having the flexibility to decide whether you need to go up to 100GB or even unlimited and being able to do so at only a modest extra cost is pretty phenomenal, and trust us, Netflix is far more fun when you no longer need to worry about whether you’re going to hit your monthly data cap if you watch a few more episodes of Jessica Jones!
Southern PhoneFrom 70GB$38/mnthSee plan1300 434 004
MateUnlimited Data$39/mnthSee plan1300 170 900
BarefootUnlimited Data$39/mnthSee plan1300 043 100
DodoFrom 101GB$20/mnthSee plan1300 740 067
iPrimusFrom 100GB$60/mnthSee plan1300 043 100
TelstraFrom 100GB$69/mnthSee plan1800 007 729
BelongFrom 100GB$50/mnthSee plan1300 235 664
Click BroadbandUnlimited Data$46.88/mthSee plan
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That Lucky Person With The NBN

After a slow start, construction of Australia’s National Broadband Network is in full swing, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a street or building where the NBN’s already available to you, Belong has some good news for you – you’ll be saving quite a bit of money! Thanks to the fast and easy way ISPs can hook customers up to the NBN, your lucky friends (the ones who won’t stop telling you that they’ve got it!) can hop onto Belong for only $50 a month for 100GB on a 12-month contract, with unlimited data available at a modest extra cost as well.

But crucially, Belong also offers month-by-month NBN service with no contract at all – a very rare thing indeed when it comes to the new network.

If you (or more likely your lucky friends) have the NBN they’ve very likely seen some Belong advertising in their letterbox already, but the $50/month rate is a special limited-time offer available from their web site – well worth checking out. And if you don’t yet have the NBN where you live, don’t worry – we’re sure it won’t be long! You can always check to see if NBN is available in your area via our handy NBN rollout map.

It’s great to see a straightforward, no-hassles ISP making their internet service easy to understand and free of hidden charges and traps. But when that ISP happens to be backed by the high-capacity, high-speed Telstra network, that’s the icing on the cake. If you’re shopping for an ISP, you’ll be doing yourself a favour by comparing Broadband plans and seeing if you Belong.

Note: These details were valid at the time of publication and may have changed

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  1. Natalie January 12, 2016 at 7:20 pm - Reply

    Last Friday I sign with BELONG . The plan was $60 -,100 GB $1= Modem 12 months. What I have to do to sign with NBN as I was looking in the internet, is going to be in my area which I Cronulla 2230 in 2017. If I am not in a plan with NBN they will charge me a fee that could be high for some people pockets. Why BELONG not mention that to new customers so we don’t get surprises like this!!!!!!? What can I do? Code 233403 . Please help me here to get all together as I believe I have 10 days to get it or not. 0402166068 Natalie . Thank you

    • Anthony Horan January 19, 2016 at 4:42 pm - Reply

      Hi Natalie,

      It sounds like you’ve signed up for the 12-month ADSL plan, which should tide you over fine until the NBN arrives in your area next year. By the time it does, your contract will have finished and you should be able to get set up on the NBN instead without having to pay any penalty. Belong currently has no activation fee for 12-month contracts, too, so they shouldn’t be asking for any extra fees for your ADSL connection.

  2. lee July 11, 2016 at 12:22 pm - Reply

    We’ve had NBN with Belong for the duration, as our street was one of the first in Aust. month to month with no phone plans etc suits us. Went to faster speed, did not work, was advised to go back to 12MBPS. NBN nothing special, not mobile either,

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