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  • amaysim is preparing to launch amazingly simple NBN plans

    Remember when amaysim entered the mobile business and shook things up? The telco is gearing to do the same to the broadband market. Interested clients can now sign up to receive news about amaysim's new NBN products.
  • Enjoy data-free OVO Time with any OVO mobile plan

    With OVO it’s not just about calling and data. Clients also get access to OVO Play, an app where you can stream exciting sports content without worrying you’ll run out of data. Find out more.
  • OVO Mobile: Stream Gymnastics, Supercars, and Drag Racing

    OVO Mobile partners with some huge sporting brands to offer clients amazing content data-free. With OVO Play, customers can catch-up with live sports streaming, live commentary and radio, video highlights, and exclusive back stories
  • Get unlimited international calls and texts with Boost’s prepaid plans

    Do you have loved ones overseas? Boost makes keeping in touch simple by offering two prepaid plans with unlimited international calling and texting to ten selected countries.
  • Optus Offers More Data, But There’s a Twist

    Optus is offering a new solution for data-hungry prepaid mobile customers with the launch of Optus Xtra – an app which enables Android users to earn extra data or credit by viewing ads on their smartphone. The app gives prepaid customers the option to earn 1GB of extra data on eligible monthly plans, or $2 of extra credit on daily plans every 28 days by having ads displayed on their phone’s locked screen.
  • Optus Achieving Impressive Speeds in 5G Trial

    Although it will probably be years before 5G hits Australian cell towers, the future is looking bright. Optus and Huawei have recently completed a 5G network trial, achieving the fastest speeds observed of a single user transmission over 5G in Australia so far.
  • Telstra Unveils Special Price Savings for Google Pixel

    Looking forward to get your hands on the new and shiny Google Pixel? Telstra Mobile recently announced the pricing associated with the new gadget.
  • Boost Family Plan: More Lines You Add the More You'll Save!

    Looking for a budget-friendly mobile family plan? Boost is currently offering customers the chance to add 5 different lines for as low as $95 per month. Their philosophy is pretty straight-forward: the more lines you add, the more $ you’ll save.
  • Telstra Now Offers Mobile Plans with Huge Data Allowance

    Telstra’s mobile plan offerings are geared towards heavy data users. While you can always go the budget route and choose one of their S plans which only packs the minimum amount of data necessary, avid smartphone users can now upgrade their plans to get more out of their monthly data allowance.
  • Telstra Mobile Offers the Best Australian Download Speeds

    Good news for Telstra Mobile customers. According to a recent report, the giant telco tops the list when it comes to mobile download speeds, besting both Optus and Vodafone.
  • Boost Mobile Offers More Data, but Which Users Benefit?

    Boost Mobile has recently increased the amount of data available on its prepaid SIM-only plans, but the add-on comes with strings attached. The telco shaved time off its expiry, so they’re now only offering 28-day expiry plans. Clients will basically pay more over a year in terms of recharges. However, if you’re a heavy mobile data user, this isn’t so bad.

Mobile Offers

Double data + 25GB extra data
on the BYO Plan Small plan with Unlimited Calls & Text
No lock-in contract
Double data + 25GB extra data
on the Mobile Plan Small plan with Unlimited Calls & Text and a device included.
No lock-in contract
Get $10/mth off over 12 months
on the Mobile Plan Medium plan with Unlimited Calls & Text and a device included.
No lock-in contract
SAVE $15/mth. Ends 31/07/2020
on the XX-Large SIM Only 12 Months plan with Unlimited Calls & Text
12mth contract
Hot offer! Ends 31/07/2020
on the X Small SIM Only 12 Months plan with Unlimited Calls & Text
12mth contract
Brand new Nokia 3310 included
on the Green 11 - 24 Months plan with Unlimited Calls & Text and a device included.
24mth contract
6GB for first 24 mths, 2.5GB after
on the Moose 14.80 - 6GB plan with Unlimited Calls & Text
No lock-in contract
18GB for first 24 mths, 8GB after
on the Moose 21.80 - 18GB plan with Unlimited Calls & Text
No lock-in contract
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