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Looking to buy a new phone or tablet this holiday season? Vaya has your back! With every purchase of a data plan, you get a $50 gift voucher you can use to buy a device from Vaya’s shop.

If you switch to the Telstra and get the Mx plan, you benefit from a significant discount. All you need to do is manage your account completely online. At $49/month for 10GB of data, that’s a pretty small price to pay.

Amaysim just upped data inclusions on the $40 and $50 mobile plans. The new plans offer 15GB for $40 and 20GB for $50 – a significant boost to existing plans with no change to the cost.

Don’t spend a lot of time glued to your phone? Then you shouldn’t pay a fortune to simply have your service up and running. Moose Mobile just launched a fabulous plan aimed at sparse smartphone users.

Vodafone is offering new clients a 30 day Network Satisfaction Guarantee. That means that you can leave the telco anytime during that first month, no strings attached.

If you’re an avid mobile data user, you know how quickly those GB can run out. Great news: Vodafone is currently running a special offer you can’t refuse.

If you’re a student, you can score 10% off monthly plan fees with selected $40 and above Vodafone plans. All you have to do is verify that you're a student with your UNiDAYS account on the telco’s website.

Eager to get your hands on the new and shiny iPhone X? Good news: you can pre-order the device from Virgin Mobile. Even better, with the right mobile plan, you can end up paying less than $100/month.

Looking to keep mobile costs low, but still stay connected with loved ones 24/7? Moose Mobile offers a (very) cheap plan that comes with unlimited talk/text and a decent amount of data.

OVO's new mobile broadband plan comes with a massive 100GB. Plus, it doesn't require weeks or months of waiting to get connected and is connection fee-free, with no lock-in contracts.

Vaya has recently increased the data included in its four plans to 1.5GB (previously 1GB), 3GB (2GB), 10GB (4GB) and 13GB (10GB).

Amaysim is always running special promotions, offering users incredible discounts and extra perks. At the moment, you can get the 2GB amaysim mobile plan for $10 less for your first six months.

New Telstra Mobile client? You might get a Foxtel Now subscription for free. Read on to find out more.

Yomojo likes to keep things simple, and the telco’s unlimited plans stay testament to that. They bring you the most bang for your buck, especially if you’re an avid smartphone user.