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For many people these days, deciding what to do about your phone service is a question they’ve never had to ask before. Older people in particular, who for years have been able to count on the reliable home phone to keep in touch, are now thinking about whether a mobile phone might be something they need. A mobile phone can be a handy thing to have around for peace of mind and safety when out and about, but having to sign up for a whole separate phone service seems a bit too inconvenient.

A communications company built to serve the needs of ordinary people – and still run for the benefit of the communities it serves – Southern Phone has noticed that there’s been an increasing demand for a plan that would bring together the home phone and the mobile. While the company has already had great success with its Next Home Phone plan, up until now there haven’t been any Southern Phone seniors mobile plans on offer for those who want to stay in touch when away from the house. As always, though, Southern Phone is listening to what its customers want and need, with a handy solution now ready for those who want both a home phone and a mobile phone in their lives.

Home Plus Review

Called Home Plus, the plans bundle together the familiar home phone line (sometimes referred to as the copper line or “landline”) with a mobile phone plan, letting you get connected to both in the one bundle and save money in the process. It may seem like the simplest idea in the world, but it’s surprising how rare it is to find an easy, affordable bundle that brings these two communication essentials together.

With Home Plus, your home phone line will move over to Southern Phone – recently the winner of Home Phone Provider of the Year for the fifth year in a row, as awarded by Roy Morgan Research – and will continue to work exactly as it always has. You’ll keep the same phone number, too – indeed, nothing will change about your home phone except the cost of calls, which is a winner for those who spend a lot of time making them. All local and national calls are included – with no limit – in the monthly plan cost. That includes calls to any destination in Australia – even if you’re calling across the country.  If you also make a lot of calls to mobile phones – for example, if family members have ditched the home phone and only use their mobiles – then those calls can be made unlimited as well by opting for the larger of the two Home Plus plans.

Important note: Southern Phone has stopped offering the Home Plus phone plans. Currently, they offer NBN bundles that include home phone, alongside broadband and a WiFi-modem (see more below). For seniors and pensioners, there’s the Next Home Phone instead, which keeps your home phone without the need for an internet plan. Offering three plans, senior customers can get up to $10/month discount, plus all plans for only half the price for the first six months.

Seniors Mobile

This year, however, Southern Phone offers Seniors Mobile, in addition to Next Home Phone, as part of its Senior Solutions. Seniors Mobile combines an included smartphone that’s especially designed for seniors and a mobile plan that’s loaded with unlimited calls and texts plus data allowance.

Seniors Mobile Plans, Mobile Data and Call/Text Credits

Southern Phone’s latest mobile bundle service is the Seniors Mobile. It includes the easy-to-use Swissvoice C50s smartphone with a home base station. Seniors will find this extremely useful with its extra-loud ringtones, hearing aid compatibility, three photo speed dials, and an SOS button. There are two plans to choose from. There’s Small which includes 2.5GB mobile data and unlimited calls and texts. The Medium plan, on the other hand, also includes unlimited talk and text credit with a higher 10GB mobile data.

As you’ll see if you take a look at the Southern Phone reviews on this site, the company is well-liked for the quality and range of its services, and they’re backed by many years of experience and customer service. Be sure to make a note of the Southern Phone contact number below in case you have any questions.

How Much Does It Cost?

The best thing about Seniors Mobile is the price – especially on the base plan, which connects you to a mobile service including a smartphone, unlimited talk and text credit, and 2.5GB data for only $37.50 per month – it’s known as the Small Seniors Mobile plan. If you also need bigger data, you can opt for the Medium plan, which comes at $52.50 per month which includes a higher 10GB data allowance. Getting either plan also gets you $20 credit on your first bill.

Both plans are on a 24-month contract, although you can also choose to purchase the Swissvoice C50s smartphone outright for $599 and just add a SIM-only plan (month to month) as a separate service. The mobile service is connected to Optus’s acclaimed 3G/4G Plus network, too, so you can be assured of great coverage wherever you go. There’s also an add-on Premium Service for $7/month, which allows relatives of the user’s family or carers to check the service online and give remote assistance when needed via the online portal.

Any Other Services for Seniors?

If you’re looking for a Southern Phone seniors plan that just takes care of the home phone – because not everyone is out and about often enough to want or need a mobile phone – as mentioned, you should take a look at the Next Home Phone plan, which is specifically aimed at keeping the home phone working as usual through the upcoming transition to the new national network, the NBN.

And there’s no need to worry about disruption if your home phone is currently with another provider (or if you’ve never been with anyone other than Telstra) – the switch-over is easy and automatic, and your phone number will not change, so your friends and family will still be able to reach you on the same number.

If you’re looking for broadband internet in addition to both a home and mobile phone service, Southern Phone makes that easy as well – as them about their Triple Bundle, which brings together broadband internet with an included modem, a mobile phone plan and a home phone plan, all together for as little as $110 per month on the NBN.

And uniquely, Southern Phone offers a service especially for seniors and their families that has been developed and tested by professional carers and aims to provide peace of mind for everyone. Based on a central messaging hub that sits in a living area and assisted by sensors placed around the home, SofiHub can help with both everyday tasks and emergencies. Whether it’s helpful reminders to take medications from its inbuilt speaker, or remote alerts for relatives or carers if something goes wrong, it’s a unique, helpful and affordable system that can greatly enhance quality of life. See our detailed SofiHub review for more information.

Getting in Touch with Southern Phone

If you’re curious about Next Home Phone or have any questions about the details of these bundles and other products that may be worth a look, just dial the Southern Phone contact number on 13 14 64, and they’ll put you in touch with someone who can help.

A Solution for Everyone

One of the things that sets Southern Phone apart from the rest is their understanding that not everyone’s communications needs are the same – and that seniors and pensioners have needs that aren’t being met well by some other companies. The Next Home Phone and Seniors Mobile are two of a whole range of bundles and plans that Southern Phone has tailored to help meet specific needs – so if there’s a type of bundle you want, be sure to let them know. Chances are that they offer something that fits already!

What people are asking about Southern Phone

  • Who Owns Southern Phone?

Throughout its history, Southern Phone has been a company owned by local councils of many of the communities it operates in. In December 2019, it was purchased by AGL Energy and is now a 100% owned subsidiary of that company.

  • Which Network Does Southern Phone Use?

Aside from using the NBN for its broadband services, Southern Phone uses the Optus 4G Plus network for all its mobile phone voice and data services.

  • How Do I Contact Southern Phone?

If you’ve got access to the internet handy, you can pop onto Southern Phone’s web site (or use their free smartphone app) and live chat with one of their support team, or send a detailed message and get a response back via email. If you’d rather speak to a human, you can call them on 13 14 64 from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

  • How Do I Know if Southern Phone Internet is Down?

If you’re having connection issues with your internet, the first thing to do is to power off your modem, wait 30 seconds, turn it back on then wait a minute or two. If you’re still not connected, get in touch with Southern Phone’s tech support people on 13 14 64 (8am to 8pm) and they’ll be able to check your connection from their end, as well as letting you know if there’s a more widespread outage of any kind.

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