Southern Phone: Best Mobile Deals for Seniors and Pensioners

Southern Phone Seniors

If you live in the city, you might not have heard of Southern Phone mobile – but they’re fast becoming one of Australia’s most reputable telcos. Southern Phone was originally developed to connect Aussies who live outside our major cities, giving them telecommunications services which rank right up there with those from the big cities. And while as they’ve matured their focus on rural and regional Aussies has remained constant, they’ve also come up with some excellent offerings for Aussies living in the big smoke — that includes seniors who just need all the basics as far as their communication needs go, plus the latest technology available to offer home support.

This – along with a commitment to community and continual improvement – has made them one of Australia’s best and most important providers.

What is Southern Phone’s best plan for Seniors and Pensioners?

Southern Phone doesn’t limit the scope of their services to any demographic. What better way to prove that than to launch new services solely dedicated to helping seniors live with ease – exactly what Southern Phone’s Senior Solutions aims to do. This comprises of SofiHub and senior-catered phone plans called Next Home Phone. Seniors mobile phones including unlimited calls and text are also currently offered. As Southern Phone grows in brand and reputation, these are welcome additions to the telco’s list of essential services.

Seniors Plans with Southern Phone

Get the most flexible mobile and home phone plans from Southern Phone mobile. Choose from the plans powered by Optus, starting for as low as $11/mth.

What is Southern Phone Next Home Phone?

Under the umbrella of Senior Solutions are simplified phone plans known as Next Home Phone. So just what is it for, exactly, and what concerns does it address? For starters, it’s the solution geared for seniors who aren’t that thrilled to have their phone line changed to support the big NBN™ rollout. As we all know, the latest changes on how the internet and phone work can pose a predicament for seniors. Taking them away from things and processes they’re comfortable with only creates confusion. With Southern Phone’s Next Home Phone, things don’t need to change – not if you don’t want them to.

What are the Southern Phone Senior Discounts?

The Next Home Phone service lets you keep your existing home phone with no internet required. Comprising of three plans on a 24-month contract, each includes call inclusions and affordable call rates to make connecting with your loved ones easier. Even better, you can save up to $10 per month if you have a valid Seniors or Pensioners card. The Small plan comes in at $25/month with pay as you go calls while the Medium plan is at $44/month with included $44 credit for local, national, and mobile calls. Both plans offer a $5 monthly discount if you can provide a valid Seniors or Pensioners card.

The top-end plan, on the other hand, includes unlimited local, national, and mobile calls at $60/month plus a $10 monthly discount for those with Seniors or Pensioners card. Want to add unlimited international calls? You can if you’re on the Medium or Large plan at an extra $15 per month.

Introducing Southern Phone’s SofiHub

Seniors need all the support they can get, which is why Southern Phone offers SofiHub, a home assistant and carer notification system with equipped intelligent messaging. There are three plans available: Sofi Beacon ($15/month), Sofi Assistant ($50/month), and Sofi Package ($65/month). The Sofi Beacon is a lightweight mobile personal alert system with an SOS call button feature while the Sofi Assistant includes a messaging and reminder system to make sure no doctor’s appointments and medications are missed. The Sofi Package, meanwhile, is a combination of both. All plans are offered on a 24-month contract.

Best Southern Phone Mobile Plans for Seniors

Southern Phone’s mobile offerings are ideal for all kinds of need, including those of seniors. Plans are categorised between 12-month and month-to-month Green plans. Powered by the Optus 4G network, the true value lies on the Green 22 plan, which includes unlimited call and text credit with 7GB of data on a 12-month contract. For seniors who don’t mind a small data allowance, the Green 11 plan could be the perfect fit with unlimited calls and texts and 1GB data. Southern Phone’s no lock-in contract plans also make for competitive options with Green 22 delivering unlimited calls and texts and 3GB data with no lock-in contract.

How Much Data do You Need with Southern Phone?

Even seniors don’t mind great entertainment, which is why some may need more data for streaming on their mobile. In this case, the top-end plan on the Optus network, Green 40, should suffice. It includes unlimited call and text credit plus 30GB of data on a 12-month contract. If you prefer month-to-month, the highest-value plan with no lock-in contract offers 15GB at $50 per month.

What about Southern Phone NBN?

For seniors who need a fixed home broadband for occasional browsing, emails, and even video calls with their loved ones, Southern Phone’s NBN plans are some of the cheapest. They start with the Standard plan at $65/month configured on NBN25. Speed boosts are available at $75/month and $95/month for NBN50 and NBN100, respectively, but that may not be necessary for seniors living alone or only with their spouse. For those living in remote regional areas, Southern Phone offers Sky Muster (satellite broadband) plans with monthly plan fees ranging from $38/month to $125/month.

Are Southern Phone Mobile Plans Right for You?

Pensioners who want to keep their home phone as it is without the hassles of switching to another line will find Southern Phone’s Next Home Phone genuinely useful. Add the SofiHub system into the mix and there’s no need to worry about missing appointments and other important schedules. Plus, there’s a peace of mind that comes with knowing that routines are being monitored to ensure everything is going smoothly. Southern Phone’s mobile and internet plans are senior-friendly, with lots of plans to choose from at affordable costs – all you need to do is determine how much call and text credit, as well as data allowance you need, and there should be an ideal plan for you.

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