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When it comes to accessing the Telstra mobile network – a network that offers what many consider to be the best coverage across the widest area of Australia – you have choices outside of Telstra itself. These choices can potentially save you a lot of money, as well as give you some very desirable benefits on top of your standard call, text and data needs. Both Boost and Woolworths fall into this category – but which one is better?

Boost Mobile has been around for many years but moved its business over to the Telstra network only a few short years ago. Meanwhile, it’s been busily rebuilding itself with a strong focus on both hefty data caps and the integration of your mobile service with your social life.

Woolworths, on the other hand, is the brand we all know from our trips to the supermarket that bears their name. In recent years they’ve added a mobile phone service to their increasingly diverse range of products, which also includes everything from petrol to insurance. Also making use of Telstra’s network, Woolworths Mobile’s aim is to provide balanced prepaid plans that give added benefits to their retail customers.

So which one is right for you – Boost or Woolworths? If you’re shopping around for a Telstra prepaid service that gives you great value and some tasty bonuses, read on and find out!

Woolworths Mobile

Why would a supermarket become a mobile provider? We’re sure more than a few people have asked that question, but it actually makes perfect sense. After all, the kiosk at any Woolworths supermarket has, for years, sold prepaid phones, as well as recharges for several operators. At some point, Woolworths’ management likely realised that they were missing out on being part of a growing market. They jumped in head-first with their Woolworths Mobile plans. They offer customers phone contract plans if that’s what they’re after, but place the heaviest emphasis on prepaid.

To get started, you just pick up a $10 SIM from your local Woolworths, activate it and then pick a recharge pack that suits you. You get four choices between packs from $20 or $50, all lasting a month. Texts are unlimited on all plans, as are calls to standard numbers in Australia. The $20 recharge comes with 3GB data, making it a better choice for moderate smartphone users who don’t burn through an excessive amount of data per month.

The $30 pack gives you a nicely manageable 10GB of data, while the $40 throws caution to the wind and ramps that up to 22GB. The top-end $50 plan, on the other hand, delivers 35GB. Great value on all plans, especially since any unused data in a given month automatically rolls over to the next recharge, up to a limit of 100GB.

For those looking for extra value, sign up for a Woolworths Rewards card if you don’t have one to get some amazing benefits and discounts. Woolworths are also big on free data — up to 25GB every month when you sign up to their phone and 12-month plans and up to 28GB for the first 2 recharges when you go prepaid.

Worthwhile Family Mobile Plans

Get everyone connected with Woolworths’ Mobile Plans. Enjoy unlimited calls & texts, large data + bonuses with plans from $10/mth. Plus, get 10% off your grocery shop once a month as a Woolworths Mobile customer.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile plans also place a heavy emphasis on data. Their prepaid plans, most on a 28-day recharge except for the lowest tier ($10 for 7 days, best used for visitors or potential customers wanting to sample the service) offer unlimited calls and text. They’ve also recently added their long-expiry options (6 months and 12 months). What makes Boost extremely valuable is their unlimited international calls included in all plans, with the number of countries included (starts from 20 destinations) varying depending on your prepaid SIM.

The $20 plan has a base 5GB of data followed by the $30 plan with 20GB included data. The $40 prepaid gives you 30GB, $50 plan delivers 40GB, and the $70 option packs 65GB. $30 and above prepaid SIMs add a 15GB bonus on your first 5 recharges. Data rollover is also available if you recharge before expiry.

For longer expiry on your plan, Boost offers $100 (60GB) and $200 (150GB) prepaid plans expiring after six months. If you want to stretch that for up to a year, there’s the $150 prepaid plan with 80GB and $300 plan with a whopping 240GB. And if you’re an Apple Music subscriber there’s another bonus with Boost: all music streaming is data-free. Great for parties!

Which one wins?

We hate to end up with a verdict of “it depends” but, really, it does. Both Boost and Woolworths are giving you contract-free access to the Telstra network with unlimited calls, text, and MMS. They also offer generous data limits, where the main differences come. At the $30 price point, Woolworths has the edge data-wise. Combine a Woolworths Rewards card and Woolworths wins on what would be a “photo finish” in horse racing.

Also, the Woolworths plans are far better for families with kids with the inclusion of a Family Zone subscription for 12 months. Moreover, Woolworths offers ongoing discounts for rewards card customers, which may give them an edge for some. Boost, on the other hand, offers data-free Apple Music streaming, which the teens and young adults will find appealing.

All in all, both telcos provide fantastic value on a superb network. Luckily, with no contracts, you’re going to be able to try either one and make up your mind as you go, without hassle.

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