Best 5 Mobile Plans for Seniors and Pensioners

Updated 7th August 2019

As a senior member of the community, you’re all too aware of the pitfall of the mobile phone — timed calls! After all, for decades the simple local phone call has been a low-cost essential part of life that’s never run on a timer. The good news is that today’s mobile plans let you do that, and more — for less than the cost of the home phone!

What are the Best Phone Plans for Seniors and Pensioners?

Here is an in-depth list of the top mobile plans for pensioners and seniors who tend to use the phone for what it was invented for — talking! All five of them can be easily signed up for either online or on the phone, there are no hidden charges to get surprised by, and (in most cases) no contract to get tied down to. Our goal here is to help you pay as little money as possible each month while talking to your heart’s content!

  • Southern Phone
  • Telstra mobile
  • Belong mobile
  • Ovo mobile
  • Moose Mobile

If you don’t already have a mobile phone, don’t get trapped into getting one on contract. Make sure you ask for one that is not locked to a particular network, as this lets you take advantage of the widest range of mobile plan deals.

#1 – Southern Phone Green Plan

Southern Phone is a company based in and owned by regional communities around Australia, and they’ve won a lot of fans by being a versatile, friendly and incredibly affordable mobile provider, going so far as to give customers Optus as the mobile network. This time around, they’re offering two amazing plans that give you huge data plus unlimited calls and texts in Australia — not to mention, big savings since they’re reasonably priced. To take advantage of the best mobile offer in the market today, simply choose between the Green 12-month plan at $22/month to get 7GB of data or the no lock-in contract plan at $35/month to get a promising 10GB data. Whatever your mobile needs are, Southern Phone’s got you covered.

Seniors Plans with Southern Phone

Get the most flexible mobile and home phone plans from Southern Phone mobile. Choose from the plans powered by Optus, starting for as low as $11/mth.

#2 – Telstra BYO Plan

Telstra may not have the most affordable mobile plans in the market, but it’s definitely one of the most reliable and most packed deals on offer. With its BYO $50 mobile plan, you already get a generous 15GB data with a free 5G network access trial. On top of that, all Telstra mobile plans come with data-free Apple Music streaming, access to Telstra Air, and data-free sport streaming for the biggest sport codes in the country. Even better, Telstra’s postpaid plans are now month-to-month, meaning you can cancel anytime or add a new phone to any of the plans without lock-in contracts. The newly transformed plans also bring greater value with no excess data charges.

Seniors Plans with Telstra Mobile

Connect to the largest network in Australia with great value plans that come with bonus data & live sports streaming. SIM only plans start from only $50/mth.

#3 – Belong Small Plan

For seniors looking to get a little extra something out of mobile plans, Belong may be a smart choice given their propensity to deliver huge data allowances at affordable rates. For as low as $10/month, you’re connected via Telstra’ solid mobile network. This already includes unlimited national calls and texts and 1GB of data, which is just enough for most seniors. To include international credits, which many seniors also need to constantly connect with family and friends abroad, just add another $5 per month to enjoy unlimited international calls and texts to 33 countries, or get the Large plan for included international calls and SMS.

Seniors Plans with Belong Mobile

Get the flexibility you need with Belong’s range of affordable mobile plans that come with unlimited national calls & text + unlimited data banking, from $10/mth.

#4 – OVO MiniPlus

For those seniors who are using a smartphone and finding it handy for things like looking up maps when out and about, getting public transport times and checking emails, a 4GB data allowance each month is a nice comfortable amount to play with. The OVO MiniPlus plan gives 4GB of data plus unlimited calls and SMS for just $14.95/month. You can top up your data if you find you need more in the middle of the month. For seniors in need of international credits, OVO offers 100 to 1000 minutes of international calls in select plans.

Seniors Plans with OVO Mobile

Get double the amount of data on all of OVO’s prepaid plans. Starting from just $9.95/30days, get unlimited texts and unlimited data-free streaming of OVOPlay.

#5 – Moose Mobile 7.80 Plan

The amusingly-named Moose Mobile (which operates on the Optus network) has a particularly nice offer in play at the moment for their excellent value month-to-month plans. Specifically designed for seniors, the $7.80/month plan is a terrific value if you make some calls but not that many — you get 200 minutes of calls per month for your money, nearly three and a half hours. If you spend less time than that on the phone, this is the plan for you (otherwise, the $14/month plan makes the calls unlimited). Now for seniors who want to make international calls to catch up with loved ones, the $39/month plan includes $300 international calls credit.

What is the best Mobile Plan for you?

Whether you’re ready to free yourself from the home phone (and all those annoying spam calls) or you’re looking for a mobile for convenience and peace of mind, these days you can get a mobile service that gives you far more value than your home phone ever could, for a fraction of the price. And with most plans not on a contract, you’ve got the freedom to switch providers any time you like, without any penalty or inconvenience (and yes, you get to keep the same mobile number if you switch!). If you’ve been on the fence about getting that mobile phone, there’s never been a better time to jump on in.

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Telstra New 5G Network Plans compare all now Southern Phone 7GB for $22/mth


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