Amaysim vs Woolworths Mobile Review: Who Is Best for You?

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Looking for a contract-free mobile plan that will give you access to unlimited calls, text and MMS? Also want a decent chunk of monthly data allowance? You’re in luck. It’s a real buyer’s market these days, with a vast array of third-party providers clamouring for your monthly mobile spend. The offers are so good that you never, ever need to worry about landing yourself with a lengthy contract lock-in. Unless, of course, you’re getting a new phone – but that’s going to involve a financial commitment no matter what. Today we compare budget offerings from amaysim and Woolworths. Who’s worthy of your hard-earned cash?

Veteran provider amaysim has been steadily growing into a powerhouse over the past few years. They offer easy-to-understand monthly plans where the word “unlimited” features heavily alongside hefty data limits. Supermarket and shopping giant Woolworths, meanwhile, is fairly new to the mobile-provider market. However, they have spent many years selling budget phones and SIM cards from the network of stores around the country.

Which of these two deserves your monthly dollars – especially if you’re looking for a decent data allowance? Is amaysim or Woolworths the right choice for you? Read on to find out!


amaysim’s plans are available either as postpaid or prepaid and billed every 28 days. We’d recommend prepaid if you’re worried about going over your monthly data cap. You won’t get any sudden surprises on your bill at the end of the month if you underestimate your data usage. Running on the Optus 4G Plus network, amaysim prepaid plans keep things straightforward with five contract-free options. Each of them offer unlimited talk, text and MMS within Australia. You also get unlimited international calls to ten major countries on the $30+ plans. Prices range from $10 to $50 per 28 days.

The difference between these plans lies in the data limits, and that’s what you’ll be basing your choice of plan on almost entirely. The top two plans also add 300 minutes of international calls to a further 22 countries. But if you’re looking for cheap international calling, there are better-value options out there.

The bottom-end plan kicks things off with 1GB (10$), moving up to 2.5GB ($20), then 5GB for ten bucks extra with the $30 plan. And 5GB will be more than enough for a great many people. Most phones have the ability to tell you how much mobile data you’re using, so take a look. You might be surprised how low it is.

Are you after a properly large data limit – for stuff like mobile video streaming, for example? Then spending an extra $10 and the $40 plan will have you covered with a huge 10GB. You can step up to 14GB for yet another $10; but the real value lies right there in the middle with the $40 plan. You won’t have to worry about calls at all and have enough data to support your usage. For ten dollars a week, that’s a damn good deal.

Amaysim Spring 2017 Offers

Starting October 2017, Amaysim is giving out a special discount on their $30+ plans. Use code 5OFF6 at checkout before November 19 and get $5 off. Moreover, amaysim recently upped data inclusions on all plans so you can stay connected 24/7 without breaking the bank.

Compare amaysim mobile plans

Get unlimited talk and texts + great data allowances with these amaysim SIM-only plans!

Woolworths Mobile

If “keeping it simple” was a song, Woolworths mobile plans would probably be top of the charts. That’s thanks to its no-fuss choice between four prepaid plans. We can eliminate the cheapest ($15) plan right out of the gate, since with its puny 500MB data limit and $250 call allowance is not good for anyone. Except, of course, for the sort of person who never actually uses their mobile phone but wants one connected “just in case I need to be picked up from work” or something similar.

That leaves us with three plans with unlimited national calls, text and MMS, sitting at $20, $30 and $45 per 30 days. But before you start directly comparing prices with amaysim, keep in mind that with a Woolworths Rewards card membership (which is free to sign up for, and also gives you bonuses when shopping at their supermarkets) you get a discount. The price of these three plans drops to $18, $27 and $40.50 respectively.

The $18 plan packs only 1.5GB data, so amaysim wins at this price point, at least data-wise. Meanwhile, the $27 plan is similar to amaysim’s $30 plan for value with 4GB allowance. Though instead of unlimited international calls, it’s $150 worth to ten major countries and another $100 call allowance thrown in for any other country or national premium numbers.

The $45 ($40.50) plan, meanwhile, provides 10GB of data. This one does include unlimited ten-country international calling. As a sweetener, you can roll over unused data at the end of the month to your next recharge, up to a maximum of 15GB.

The clincher? Woolworths Mobile uses the Telstra network, one of the few third-party prepaid providers that can boast access to what is arguably the best mobile network in the country.

Woolworths Spring 2017 Offers

Woolworths is always offering smartphones at special prices. Just recently, the new Samsung S8 was available at a significant discount. Starting October 2017, you can get the Motorola Moto C for only $149 – with a bonus $20 pre-paid recharge.

The verdict

amaysim comes with a long history as one of the most trusted mobile brands in Australia, and gives you the flexibility of having unlimited international calls at any price point. Thus, if you have friends or family overseas, this is the place to look first. Over at Woolworths, meanwhile, similarly hefty data limits are given a boost by having data rollover. And don’t forget about access to the Telstra mobile network (albeit only “parts of” that network). You’ll need to sign up for a Woolworths Rewards card to get the real value out of those plans, too. Take that into account before you start shopping.

Either way you go, you’re going to be getting stellar value and service for less than $10 per week. These are the big-limit phone plans that everyone can afford!

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