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What are the Best TV Shows on Foxtel from Telstra?

Combining the huge range of exclusive channels from Foxtel with the communications know-how of Telstra, Foxtel From Telstra gives you a full-featured Foxtel setup with the channel packs of your choosing and the latest iQ4 set top box, conveniently bundled in with your Telstra broadband and phone services and included on the same bill. Making it easy to get online with fast Foxtel on-demand streaming as well as a huge range of live channels, Foxtel From Telstra is the easy way to get set up with Foxtel without the hassle.

Every month we take a look at some of the best shows, movies, sports and more that you can watch with Foxtel from Telstra. With dozens of channels covering everything from premium drama and blockbuster movies to the latest lifestyle and reality shows – and of course Foxtel’s world-leading live sports coverage across 15 channels – Foxtel From Telstra brings it to you via the advanced iQ4 set top box.

Some of the current highlights on Foxtel from Telstra include:

Our Top Picks on Foxtel from Telstra in May

With so many channels to choose from, featuring exclusive premium TV from around Australia and across the world, there’s never a shortage of stuff to watch on Foxtel From Telstra! Don’t forget, you can stream on the go at no extra cost as soon as you’ve signed up with the Foxtel Go app, which you can use for free! Access it now using your Telstra account, and subscribe to packs on Foxtel from Telstra.

Grabbing our attention this month – and available to stream on demand so you don’t need to miss a single episode – are these highlights:


When Ruby and Billy were lovers at college they made a pact. If either of them text the word “run”, and the other replied with the same word, they would drop everything they were doing in their lives and meet at Grand Central Station to travel across the United States! Well, 17 years after that pact, it is finally being put to the test, and what unfolds is a wonderfully clever, at times very odd series of events that will have binge watchers happily glued to their TV screens.

Mrs America

During the 1970s a battle line was drawn in the USA between staunch conservatives and liberals over many women’s rights, including marital rape and abortion. The heavily conservative view was led by Phyllis Schlafly (played by Blanchett), an anti-feminist, campaigner and devout Christian who believed women should know their place. This intriguing series is not only a hard-hitting reminder of the divisions within America at the time, but also inspiration years later, as inequality continues to thwart cultures around the world.

What are the best shows on Foxtel from Telstra?

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