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Starting in 2013, Belong had one purpose—to shake up the broadband market and provide a great value service on a network that Australians could trust. Just a short time ago, Belong chose to move into mobile plans as well, aiming to offer plans with generous data inclusions to those who were looking for more flexibility and freedom. Not only did they introduce dataful plans to the mobile marketplace, they also made sure to steer clear of hidden costs, lock-in contracts, and peak pricing, focusing on giving you an option that you can trust and understand.

What Makes Belong Mobile Unique?

Belong have designed their mobile SIM only plans with you in mind. Not only are they simple, generous plans, but they’re also designed to cater to your needs and give you the flexibility that some SIM only plans are missing.

No lock-in contracts means that you only have to stay with Belong if you’re happy with them, and that you can easily change which plan you’re on to best match your needs. Whether you’re more data-hungry than you thought, or you’re realising you can save some money by going for a cheaper plan, Belong will cater to your needs.

Belong understand that no two months are the same, so if you use less data than usual in a month they’ll ‘bank’ it for you to use in another month when you might need a bit extra. If you’ve got plenty in the bank, you can always make yourself more popular with your family and friends by gifting it to them—provided they’re also with Belong.

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Belong Mobile Plans and Pricing

Belong want to make sure that you have the data you need, which is why they offer the data banking and sharing options to cover variations in your data usage that might happen from month-to-month. If you haven’t got any data banked away, you can also buy a 2GB top up for just $10, until you get to the next month when you can switch to one of the larger data inclusion plans.

Belong have taken international calls and texts to the next level with their $40/month plan. With this plan, you can make standard international calls and texts to 36 countries, including China, India, Japan, Vietnam, and the USA and UK. You can also include this as an add-on to the cheaper plans for an extra $5/month.

With SIM plan features and inclusions like this, you’ll really feel like you belong to a telco that cares about you.

Belong Customer Service and Support

Need to get in touch with Belong? Call 1300 235 664 for any enquiries, or you can manage your account online through their Contact Us page. The Belong call centre team is available 7am to midnight every day (AEST).

Belong Mobile Review

Belong extends its affordable and flexible method of providing service through their SIM-only mobile plans — and that should be good news to customers who need the elastic approach they’ve come to expect from Belong.

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Belong Mobile Review

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