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Belong offers hassle free nbn and ADSL broadband on your terms. Belong provides a flexible and affordable approach to broadband for customers. As part of Telstra, Belong has the backing of one of Australia’s most valuable brands, but with the autonomy to function separately and drive its own success in market.

With construction of the National Broadband Network now ramping up and giving more and more people access, Belong’s offering great value NBN connections as well. Unlike most broadband providers, Belong will happily hook up customers without requiring commitment to a contract – but if you’re happy to sign up for a year, there’s some nice perks to sweeten the deal. So feel free to contact Belong or browse through the great deals below.

HOT DEAL Belong Broadband

Unlimited Data with Belong

  • Only $65/month on the NBN
  • Unlimited Broadband Data
  • $0 Wi-Fi modem & standard activation


1300 710 100
Yes they do! Their current limited-time offer gets you hooked up to that new, advanced network for only $45/month on a 12-month contract, with 100GB of data per month. That saves you $179 over the regular price over the course of the contract. For those with a hunger for more data, they’ll up the monthly allowance to 500GB for an extra $15 a month, or a huge 1000GB for an extra $25.
Belong’s ADSL offerings are as simple and easy as they come; the base plan gives you 100GB of data per month for $60, and includes a home phone line, no upfront connection fees and a name-brand Wi-Fi modem for $1. Especially data-hungry users can easily grab enough extra bandwidth to serve just about any need, with 500GB/month for an extra $10 or a Netflix-friendly 1000GB/month for an extra $15. There’s no catches, no fine print and no hassles – just click and get connected.

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If keeping it nice and simple – and not having to agree to a contract if you don’t want to – sounds good, then give Belong a buzz on 1300 710 100 to find out more!

Belong FAQs

Belong uses Telstra’s acclaimed broadband network so you’ll get the exact same level of speed and reliability that Telstra customers enjoy, powered by some of Australia’s most advanced broadband infrastructure.
Yes, you can! The plans are exactly the same, but the monthly fee is very slightly higher if you choose to not commit to a contract; if you want Belong’s modem to get you hooked up, it costs $60 instead of a dollar. The advantage here is that you can cancel at any time, which can be extremely useful for people who are renting and don’t have a full year left on the lease.
If that $45/month NBN plan is looking tasty, but you’re not sure if the NBN has come to your area yet, head over to the NBN web site where you can quickly check to see if you’re ready to connect. If you are, Belong can have you hooked up and enjoying next-generation broadband in no time.

Latest News

  • Get unlimited data with Belong ADSL plans

Unlimited Data with Belong ADSL plans

If you don't have access to the NBN just yet, an ADSL connection is your best best. And Belong has some amazing offers.

  • Enjoy free standard installation with Belong Broadband

Enjoy free standard installation with Belong Broadband

Whenever you pick a new broadband provider, it's good to pay attention to the fine print. There are often extra costs that may not be obvious at first sight. Luckily, with Belong you don't have to worry about any of that.

  • Belong Speed Boost

Add a free speed boost to your Belong Broadband plan

Belong Broadband is currently giving new customers the power to experience the true speed of the NBN. You get a speed boost free for three months when signing up with the telco.

  • Get your first NBN month free with Belong

Get your first NBN month free with Belong

Looking for a new NBN provider? Belong might just have the perfect offer for you. Get your first month free when signing up for a one year contract.

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Belong Broadband Rolls Out Popular NBN Offer: Pay Low Upfront Fees

Belong provides a flexible and affordable approach to broadband for customers. Join today and pay $0 upfront (min cost $600 over 12 months).

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Belong Broadband Offers Affordable NBN Plans

Telstra’s ISP Belong, known for providing customers with cheap broadband, no lock-in contract included, is currently running a very appealing offer. If NBN is available in your era, sign up for Belong and you get 100GB of data for only $45/month.