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Realising early on that a whole lot of people don’t want to be tied in to complex contracts and obscure conditions when all they want to do is get their mobile phone on the air, amaysim made an immediate impression when they launched their service back in 2010. Offering cut-price calls, text and data, they challenged the idea that you had to sign yourself up to a plan that ran for years just to get decent value out of your mobile phone.

These days, almost every provider is offering the sort of rates on calls and texts that amaysim helped pioneer – but they’ve pushed the envelope further in recent times. Now, every prepaid plan that you choose with amaysim comes with unlimited national calls and texts – and every single plan also comes with unlimited international calls to ten countries, including the big ones – The UK, USA, China and New Zealand.

It’s not done as cut-price thing, either – amaysim leverages the extensive Optus 4G Plus network, meaning they’ve got coverage to the vast majority of the population, and fast data service along with it. With the prepaid plans differentiated by data allowance, you can pick and choose the right balance between your budget and needs. But regardless of which one you choose, you can talk and text as much as you like!

amaysim’s unlimited international calls apply to ten countries – USA, UK, New Zealand, China, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Singapore. The higher-end plans add five hours of calls to an additional 12 countries to what is already a very sweet deal.
amaysim uses the Optus mobile network, and cut a deal with them in 2015 to expand their coverage to take advantage of the advanced 4G Plus section of the network as well. That means fast data download is yet another thing you don’t have to miss out on just because you choose prepaid.


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amaysim FAQs

Because amaysim works as an online business, you won’t find shops with their brand on them around town. But you can pick up an amaysim SIM card from any Woolworths or 7-Eleven store and then activate it online – or if you prefer, you can order one directly from amaysim and have it delivered to you in a mere 3 hours.
What network provider Optus calls “4G Plus” is a separate part of the 4G network that runs on a frequency designed to maximise coverage when you’re indoors – at home or at work. Usually walls, windows and other obstacles can make getting a strong mobile signal indoors difficult; the 4G Plus network helps eliminate those obstacles, and you get access to it with compatible phones (recent Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG devices) as part of your amaysim plan.
Yes – if you prefer, amaysim can bill you each month for your usage. The same plans and rates apply regardless of whether you choose prepaid or postpaid.

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