Introducing Vodafone Mobile

Vodafone Mobile

Established in 1993, Vodafone is one of the top-tier mobile providers in Australia. A dedicated telecommunications company, Vodafone is working to provide their customers with a superior mobile experience, with a network that covers over 22 million Australians and is continuing to expand in regional areas.

What Makes Vodafone Mobile Unique?

While Vodafone is the youngest top-tier Australian telco, they have dedicated themselves to always improving and delivering a mobile experience that customers can rely on. They understand the frustration of drop-outs and poor coverage, which is why they are the network that never settles. They have rolled out Vodafone Wi-Fi Calling so that, if your signal is interrupted by walls or surrounding buildings, you won’t be disconnected.

Vodafone have also introduced Vodafone Passes, which allow you to stream as much as you want from selected apps across Video, Music, Chat and Social at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps. If your tastes are broader, they also have endless data available on their Plus Plans.

Vodafone Innovation

Vodafone knows that quality service starts with listening to their customers, which is why they offer a 30 day Network Satisfaction Guarantee. They want to make sure that you’re committing to them because you’re happy with their service, so if you find the network lacking in the first month you’re free to cancel your contract, and they’ll even refund your monthly plan and device installment fee.

Staying connected while travelling can be incredibly useful—and expensive. Vodafone’s International Roaming service gives you the value you’re after, with a $5/day charge that lets you use your data allowance, calls and texts as normal in over 60 countries. Spend your money where you want to while on holidays, instead of on your phone bill.

Compare Vodafone Mobile Plans

Checkout Vodafone’s latest mobile plans on their best network yet!

Compare Vodafone Mobile Plans

Unlimited calls & texts + hefty data inclusions, all backed by a 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee.

Vodafone Mobile Plans and Pricing

Vodafone have always been the go-to for those looking for great value plans that are easy on the wallet. Their plans are truly the ones to beat in the market with their Red Plus and SIM Only Plus plans offering huge amounts of data at affordable prices and, once you’ve exhausted your data allowance, giving you unlimited data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps at no extra charge. These plans also include unlimited standard calls and texts, so you’ll never have to worry about running out!

These days each family member needs a mobile phone, and Vodafone is trying to make that easier for you with family sharing. You can bundle the mobile devices you need together and share the data between each other, balancing out between those who don’t use as much and those who do.

Vodafone also have plenty of student discounts on offer, if you’re looking for something that won’t dent your budget. Discounts aren’t just for students though, Vodafone are always offering discounts and data bonuses, so make sure to keep an eye out in the latest news below.

Vodafone Customer Service and Support

The best way to get in touch with Vodafone is by giving them a call. If you’re calling from a Vodafone mobile you can call 1555, or if you’re calling from another phone, call 1300 650 410. If you’re trying to reach them from overseas, you’ll need to call +61 426 320 000. Alternately, you can request a callback from them.

The Vodafone call centre team are available 8am to midnight (AEST) on weekdays, and 9am to midnight (AEST) on weekends.

Vodafone Review: Discover The Best Packages and Offers

Vodafone has spent hundreds of millions of dollars reinvigorating both their extensive mobile network and the brand itself. These days, Vodafone’s 4G network is regarded highly by those who use it, and it continues to expand to new areas to ensure coverage is second-to-none.

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