Introducing Vodafone


One of the big three top-tier mobile providers, Vodafone of Australia has been a familiar name to mobile users since 1993. Then, they built their own network of mobile base stations and towers and started selling services under the now-familiar red-and-white logo. In 2009, Vodafone merged with Hutchison Australia, who at the time were the operators of what was a fourth complete mobile network, operating under the brand name Three. That merger completed, Vodafone became the third-largest mobile provider in Australia. With almost 6 million customers, they’re of comparable size to Australia’s other dominant mobile providers, Telstra and Optus.

What Does Vodafone Offer?

In recent years, Vodafone has spent millions of dollars expanding and upgrading its 4G mobile network. It can boast coverage to over 22 million Australians, with Wi-Fi Calling being rolled out to help cover areas where coverage isn’t available. Vodafone is so confident in the quality of their network that they offer a unique guarantee.

If you’re a new customer that signs up for a plan – whether it’s SIM-only or with a phone on contract – you have 30 days to road-test the Vodafone network. If you’re not happy, you can leave with no penalty and have any monthly plan fees or phone payment instalments refunded. This means that aside from call fees, trying out Vodafone won’t cost you a thing.

Furthermore, the Vodafone network continues to expand further and further into Australia; thanks to 74 new towers built at a cost of around $20 million as part of a program to eliminate mobile “black spots”.

Another unique thing about Vodafone is their commitment to local jobs. The telco has over 3,000 employees – including those at every Vodafone retail store, which are all owned and operated directly by Vodafone themselves. And with their recent merging with fixed broadband provider TPG, customers can only expect strengthened network, wider coverage, and just really better services.

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Unlimited calls & texts + hefty data inclusions, all backed by a 30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee.

Mobile Broadband

The company offers several mobile broadband plans, with options to go on a contract or pay month-to-month. Data allowances range from 2GB to 50GB, or 3GB to 90GB on a 24-month contract with a supplied 4G modem. 10% off plan fees and student discounts also apply to both month-to-month and 24-month plans

Vodafone NBN

Vodafone’s NBN broadband service is now live, offering fast connection, and 4G backup in case of connection loss. Prices range from $58 to $89 per month with no minimum term so you can change plans any time with no fees. All plans offer unlimited data with their  speeds varying from 20Mbps up to 80Mbps on typical evening speeds. The emphasis, as with everything else Vodafone, is on the customer first – which of course is the way it should be!

Contact Vodafone

Vodafone’s phone call centre is available 24/7. To get in touch with their support team, simply dial in 1300 650 410 or 1555 from your Vodafone mobile.

Vodafone Review: Compare Costs, Coverage and Latest Offers

Vodafone has spent hundreds of millions of dollars reinvigorating both their extensive mobile network and the brand itself. These days, Vodafone’s 4G network is regarded highly by those who use it, and it continues to expand to new areas to ensure coverage is second-to-none.

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Vodafone Review

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Vodafone Australia FAQs

If I get a phone on a Vodafone plan, how long am I locked into a contract for?

Vodafone recently changed their phone plans for the better. When signing up to a plan with a new phone, you can now choose how long you want to have to pay off your new phone handset – 12, 24 or 36 months. But you’re not locked into a contract at all under these plans. In fact, you can leave at any time, as long as you pay out the remaining cost of your phone. There’s no interest to pay, and the phone becomes yours outright.

Does Vodafone still offer 365-day-expiry prepaid plans?

Yes, they do! If you’re just after a SIM to get your phone connected but you don’t make many calls, Vodafone’s 365-day prepaid plans are a perfect fit. They are available as $30, $40 or $50 recharges that keep that credit available for as long as an entire year.

Can I use my Vodafone service while I’m overseas?

Yes, you can. And if you’re heading to popular destinations like New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, the UK or USA, you can take advantage of Vodafone’s $5 roaming feature. This lets you use your regular SIM card at your regular rates while you’re in any of those countries, with the extra cost being only $5 per day (only charged on days when you actually make calls, send texts or use data).