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If you’re frustrated with limited internet options where you live – a lack of ADSL or other broadband, or ADSL that’s slow, unreliable and takes minutes to download a simple image – the solution might be wireless. That’s where Vividwireless comes in. They’ve been doing wireless internet for years, initially using the WiMax standard but more recently switching to the fast 4G data pipe of the extensive Optus 4G network.

Offering some modest data plans – 10GB and 40GB – as basic services, Vivid also has an unlimited-data plan, something unheard-of in Australia when it comes to 4G. The reason they can do this is simple – it’s designed for home use. It can only be accessed from the Vivid custom modem/router that’s the gateway to their service.

Whether you buy the modem outright (directly from Vivid or at a retail store) or sign up on a contract plan and get the modem for free, you’ve got a plug-and-play solution. This gets you online in minutes, and you can take it with you if you move or travel.

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The setup process is simple. After you’ve checked the Vividwireless website and there’s coverage in your area, you just connect the Vivid modem to your computer or network. There’s nothing else to do – no installations, no waiting for connections at the exchange. You sign in and you’re online.

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A unique service that fills a very real need for customers, Vividwireless will be invaluable if you have poor wired internet access, or you move or travel a lot.

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