Virgin Mobile

Introducing Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is shutting down.

As of 15th June 2018, Virgin will no longer be selling new services and all retail stores will close by the end of June. 

What should you do: 
We have lots of great mobile plans to choose from. Visit our mobile comparison table to find a new plan.

Virgin Mobile

Founded by legendary businessman Richard Branson 15 years ago, Virgin Mobile has always been a major player in the Australian mobile phone market. Now owned by Optus, the telco uses the extensive Optus 4G and 3G network for all of its services. As a result, Virgin customers with the latest models of smartphones have access to the next-generation 4G network known as 4G Plus. This enables incredibly fast download and upload speeds. You can stream your favourite shows in peace; access free music streaming to international minutes and data rollover, Virgin has it all.

What makes Virgin Mobile unique?

Virgin phone plans are available starting from as little as $30/month. Most plans come with data free music streaming, unlimited standard calls/texts, as well as credit for standard international calls. The most expensive plan packs a whooping 24GB of data for $100/month.

As for SIM-only plans, you can get them on a contract or pay month-to-month. The basic $30/month comes with unlimited calls, but only offers 2.5GB of data if you go month-to-month, or 5GB if you decide to sign a contract. Any unused included data rolls over to the next month. In other words, Virgin provides great value all around.

Virgin Mobile Offers

You can’t go wrong with any of Virgin Mobile’s spring deals available. In 2018, sign up before January 31 and receive a once off $100 credit for selected phone plans. Or, get 20% off for a 12-Months SIM.

Make the most of your smartphone with Virgin Mobile

Massive data inclusions, unlimited calls, free data music streaming, and international minutes: Virgin Mobile offers all this and more. Find the right plan for you.

What bonuses are available?

Data free music streaming is the basic bonus offered by Virgin, available on most plans. You can stream music with no data charges on Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music and iHeartRadio. Roaming bonuses and international call bonuses are also available on higher tier plans. Velocity members also get 10% off plan fee every month and 1,000 bonus Velocity Points with most plans.

Does Virgin Mobile offer prepaid plans?

Yes. All you need to do is buy a SIM, activate it, and recharge it based on your needs. There are three recharge options – Simple, Long Expiry, and Plus. You can recharge with as little as $15.

Virgin Mobile Review: Virgin

With unlimited calls, text and MMS across all but one plan, data limits to suit everyone from light users to data-hungry people who do everything on their phone, Virgin Mobile’s range of plans is a superb combination of keen value and flexibility. The best value is available by taking up a contract plan. However, the contract-free options are excellent as well, with data-free music streaming from some of the most popular services on the planet sweetening the deal.