Virgin Mobile

Founded by legendary businessman Richard Branson 15 years ago, Virgin Mobile has long been a major player in the Australian mobile phone market, with a focus on providing value-priced mobile services for people who enjoy live streaming entertainment. Keeping with the Virgin brand – which has long been associated with irreverent fun and great value – Virgin was the first mobile provider in Australia to offer free voicemail, something that was expensive to use with the other carriers.

Virgin’s marketing has regularly embraced the entertainment world, too – past ad campaigns have featured the likes of Jason Donovan, Vanilla Ice and even Brad Pitt’s brother Doug. In recent times they’ve hooked up with streaming video service Presto and new Australian music streaming service Guvera, giving Virgin customers hefty bonuses for using those services.

The Virgin Mobile Network

Originally a joint venture between Virgin and Optus, Virgin Mobile is now 100% owned by Optus, and uses their extensive 4G and 3G network for all of its services. As a result, Virgin customers using the latest models of smartphones have access to the next-generation 4G network, known as 4G Plus; this enables incredibly fast download and upload speeds for downloading, streaming and everything else.

What Services Does Virgin Mobile Offer?

The emphasis with Virgin is on simplicity and value, and that’s reflected in the services they offer customers; their plans are divided into two categories, depending on whether you already have a phone or want to get one along with your plan.

The SIM-only plans offer a range of straightforward inclusions, from the $30/month basic plan (with unlimited standard national calls and text, but only 1GB of data a month) to an $80 plan that packs in 13GB of data allowance for those who use their phone like a tiny laptop!

The phone plans, meanwhile, have seven tiers available ranging from $30/month to $130/month, with the top-end plan offering a startling 21GB of data per month.

On all plans, unused data for the month can be rolled over to the following month, where it gets used if and when that month’s limit is reached; for example, if you were on the 21GB plan but only used 5GB, the following month you’d have 37GB to play with.

Virgin Mobile FAQs

Currently, Virgin offers phone handsets including Apple iPhone 6s and 6 as well as the “Plus” versions of both, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note, and popular phones from Sony, Microsoft, LG and Huawei. Depending on the plan chosen and the model of phone selected, there can be an additional monthly charge; the higher the plan chosen, the less likely this is.
All calls and texts to landlines and Australian mobile phones are included, as are calls to 1800 and 13 numbers. Calls and texts to premium numbers (1900 etc) are not included and will be added on to your bill. Voicemail is free, both for leaving messages and retrieving them.
Yes there are! Check our offers page for all the details; currently Virgin has special promotions with Presto and Guvera for free bonus data. You can also get generous extra data allowances added for signing up online, and for being a new customer to Virgin.

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