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Vaya Mobile

Now a subsidiary of amaysim after having earned itself a solid reputation for heavily discounted mobile rates, Vaya has spent a lot of effort in positioning itself as the place to go when you want to get connected but don’t want to spend huge amounts of money. Indeed, Vaya’s deep discounting has got themselves to the point where they’ve been declared the cheapest mobile provider in Australia for unlimited calls and texts.

What makes Vaya unique?

Running on the Optus 4G Plus network, Vaya gives customers unlimited call and text access on all plans, so it’s all about how much extra you want to pay for more data. And when the most you can possibly pay is nearly half that of its key rivals for the same included services, it’s pretty clear Vaya is determined to make low cost their banner feature.

All of Vaya’s plans are offered month-to-month, but those willing to pay for six months in advance can get an even more discounted deal, locked in for the duration.

Vaya Mobile 2018 Offers

In 2018, Vaya clients will get more bang for their buck. The telco recently upped data inclusions on all plans. You can now use between 1.5GB on the cheapest plan up to 13GB on the $44 offer. All plans come with unlimited talk and text. You can also opt for a $150 6-month “starter pack” that gives you 5GB a month – effectively making the monthly cost $25.

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Getting Hold of a Vaya SIM

Unlike many of the other low-cost providers, Vaya keeps their overheads low by running the business exclusively online – you can’t walk into a store and pick up a SIM, but instead will need to head to their website to order one there and pick a plan. They will, however, happily express post the SIM to you free of charge once you’re signed up so you can get talking and texting as soon as possible.

Vaya Mobile Review: Vaya

Keeping it nice and simple, and above all, cheap, Vaya certainly fills a niche in the market, targeting those for whom data and texting are the primary reasons to use a mobile phone or tablet. The prices are extremely good, and having access to the full Optus 4G Plus network at such a low price is going to be attractive to a lot of people.
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Vaya Mobile FAQs

It’s a competitive industry, but Vaya insists their rates are cheaper than any current competitor – something backed up by reports from the likes of Finder and Money Magazine, They offer a price guarantee, too – if you find a cheaper plan, they’ll match the price and give you a month free.
Vaya’s use of Optus’s 4G Plus network means that the network coverage and quality offered should be comparable to that offered by Optus themselves. Customers within the extensive Optus 4G coverage footprint will be able to take advantage of super-fast data speeds as well.
As an online-only provider, Vaya requires direct debit to pay your bill, and can’t send out paper or email bills either for later payment or for checking usage. However, their web site has a real-time usage tracker you can access anytime to make sure you’ve got enough data (and in the case of the lowest plan, calls) to last you the rest of the month.