How to Watch Moving On 2015 Online in Australia

Released: 2015

Updated: 20th Sep, 2021

8.1 / 10

Rated: N/A

Director: Marcia Fields, Michael Spear

Cast: Robin Lord Taylor, Ryan Farrell, Mike Ivers

What is Moving On about?

MOVING ON, a short film by Marcia Fields and Mike Spear, is about what happens when you wake up to find you need to move on and move out at exactly the same time. When Ross (Mike Ivers, 419) is awakened early one morning by a knock at the door, he's shocked to find his girlfriend gone, and two men in his foyer ready to move him out of their shared apartment at the request of his now -- it would seem -- ex-girlfriend Elizabeth. Turns out these guys do this for a living, frequently hired by significant others looking to not be so significant anymore without getting any blood on their hands. As you might imagine, Ross doesn't handle the news particularly well. His first day on the job, mover Nick (Robin Lord Taylor, the Penguin on Fox's GOTHAM) hasn't quite completed his sensitivity training and isn't what anyone would call delicate in handling Ross's predicament. The anyone in question here is his supervisor -- and cousin -- Mason (Ryan Farrell, INSIDE AMY SCHUMER), who's forced to balance breaking-in his new co-worker and breaking-up with the client according to protocol. In this modern world where technology too often replaces actual human interaction, the most personal moments in our lives are being delivered by the most impersonal methods. This short film takes a look at what would happen if even breakups were contracted out. And you thought getting dumped by text was embarrassing!

Where to watch Moving On

Which streaming providers can you watch Moving On on

Here is the comprehensive list of streaming providers that will show Moving On in Australia. If Moving On will appear with other providers further down the line, this table will be updated.


  • Amazon PrimeNo
  • Apple TV PlusNo
  • BingeNo
  • Disney PlusNo
  • Foxtel NowNo
  • NetflixNo
  • StanNo
  • Telstra TV Box OfficeNo

The cast of Moving On

Robin Lord Taylor, Ryan Farrell, Mike Ivers

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