How to Watch Coyote County Loser 2009 Online in Australia

Released: 2009

Rated: PG


Updated: 18th Jan, 2021
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Jason Naumann

The cast of Coyote County Loser

Nikki Boyer, Beau Clark, Wayne Grace, K Callan

What is Coyote County Loser about?

In the lonely American Southwest, life is slow for the desert inhabitants of Coyote County. Although it reflects the diversity and pride of the Coyote County residents, local talk radio station K-RAP struggles financially, withering like a tumbleweed on its way to oblivion. Meanwhile, a rising radio personality from Los Angeles reluctantly drives through the hot desert toward Coyote County. His name is Jack Proctor. Upon visiting K-RAP, Jack meets the motley crew that works to keep the place running. These odd but charming individuals are a snapshot representation of the population living in this desert region. Jack meets Mr. Sanchez, the "maintenance engineer" and host of a "fix it" show; Raymond, the former-military accountant and host of an alien and paranormal phenomena talk show; Doyle, the sound engineer and host of a technology "geek" show; Mrs. Hopps, host of a cooking show and owner of a local café where everyone loves to eat and hang out; and Lauren, the assistant station manager, who until now has been the star of K-RAP with her "Heart Smart" show receiving the highest ratings. She is the most respected member of the crew, constantly aiding other hosts in improving their content. Lauren is less than thrilled about the big-city hotshot coming to try and fix their problems. She feels threatened and does little to hide her dislike for Jack. The ratings begin to show that their on-air skirmishing - taking shots at one another on their respective "relationship advice" talk shows - is drawing interest to the radio station. During one of their off-air battles, Lauren questions Jack's ability to counsel people regarding love and romance. Jack accepts the challenge and goes a step further to prove his point, claiming that he can help the biggest loser in the county to find real love. He initiates an on-air publicity stunt, asking for applicants from all over Coyote County who think they are the biggest loser and least likely to find love. Too prove that he, not Lauren, understands what true love is, Jack will help the loser woo any woman in Coyote County. Applications pour in to K-RAP from men trying to prove that they are the biggest loser and in need of Jack's love advice to find a mate. A loser is chosen who stands out above the rest as the least likely to attract and charm a woman - Lyle Grincher. Jack then begins counseling the Loser on air and ratings increase further. The radio station is now back in the black with the highest number of listeners ever. However tension also increases between Jack and Lauren. Plot thickens, stakes rise and metaphors get mixed when the audience discovers that Jack's advice is working too well, and the woman that the Loser has chosen to woo is none other than Lauren. Before this romantic battle-of-the-sexes is over, Jack and Lauren will learn what being a winner and loser really means, and more importantly, realize that true love is selfless love.

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