Where to stream Channels

How to Watch Channels 2008 Online in Australia

Released: 2008

Updated: 13th Sep, 2021

3.7 / 10

Rated: Not Rated

Director: Nat Christian

Cast: Kimberly Oja, Nat Christian, John Kassir

What is Channels about?

A writer/producer is about to make a big career jump and has a lot of activity going on in his life. But, emotionally, he's dead. Through a fantastical event, he meets someone. They fall in love. She wants to defy logic and hop on the passing train of time with him. He lets his mind rationalize and hesitates. She is gone and he finds himself in a desperate race to get her back. Will the magic that brought them together be strong enough to reunite them, or is it too long?

Where to watch Channels

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The cast of Channels

Kimberly Oja, Nat Christian, John Kassir

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