Where to stream Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Watch Auf Wiedersehen, Pet in Australia

Seasons: 5

Released: 1983–2004

Updated: 29th Nov, 2021

8.4 / 10

Rated: N/A

Cast: Timothy Spall, Jimmy Nail, Tim Healy, Kevin Whately

Where to watch Auf Wiedersehen, Pet


What is Auf Wiedersehen, Pet about?

The adventures of a gang of British workmen abroad. Combines black and white humour with moments of drama, poignancy and drunkenness. In series 1, the lads head to Germany seeking work, and are thrown together by virtue of shared nationality and a run-down wooden hut. The story follows the lads' relationships with women, Germans and each other, and their attempts at passing the time away from home, saving money and ordering food in a German curry house. The series ends with new employment legislation forcing some of the Brits having to choose between the UK and their new-found pleasures abroad. Two years later the gang are reunited for a second series, in which they travel to Wolverhampton to rebuild both the "magnificent seven" and Barry's home for his impending marriage. A further offer of work sees the lads head to a Derbyshire stately home in need of refurbishment. Here they fall foul of an irritable pub landlord, suspicious locals, a less than enlightened employer and the Inland Revenue. Finally, they are packed off to Spain as illegal workers for Tyneside villain Ally Fraser, and they fall under the unwelcome spotlight of tabloid publicity. Despite this, they still manage to indulge in some serious drinking practice AND complete the building work.

Which streaming providers can you watch Auf Wiedersehen, Pet on

Here is the comprehensive list of streaming providers that will show Auf Wiedersehen, Pet in Australia. If Auf Wiedersehen, Pet will appear with other providers further down the line, this table will be updated.


  • Amazon PrimeNo
  • Apple TV PlusNo
  • BingeNo
  • Disney PlusNo
  • Foxtel NowNo
  • NetflixNo
  • StanNo
  • Telstra TV Box OfficeNo

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Good to know

No Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is not available on Amazon Prime.
No Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is not available on Apple TV+.
No Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is not available on Binge.
No Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is not available on Disney Plus.
No Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is not available on Google Play.
No Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is not available on Foxtel Now.
No Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is not available on Netflix.
No Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is not available on Stan.