How to Watch A Rogue in Londinium 2010 Online in Australia

Released: 2010

Updated: 27th Sep, 2021

6.3 / 10

Rated: Not Rated

Director: Whitney Hamilton

Cast: Jay Aubrey II, Andrew Barrett, Trevor Bittinger

Where to watch A Rogue in Londinium

What is A Rogue in Londinium about?

Richard Rhys, a portraitist, wakes up one night beside the body of a dead prostitute. The last thing he remembers is being hit in the head with a bottle. He stumbles out in to the wintry street only find the kindness of Victoria Thornton, a wealthy philanthropist and reformer determined to help the lower classes and the impoverished. It is a chance meeting but profound enough to turn both of their worlds upside down. Richard is a drunk and a womanizer while Victoria is devoted to her work and to her arranged marriage to Charles Thornton. Catherine Burroughs is a famous actress of the English stage and a cohort of Richard's. When Charles asks Catherine to recommend an artist to paint his wife's portrait she refers Richard. Jules Whitby is an apprentice of Edward Muybridge. He has one of the first prototypes of the motion picture camera. Dr. Stephens, an aristocrat and doctor pays Jules to collect morbid images of dead prostitutes for his library. Jules begins to shadow Richard Rhys in the East End as more and more ladies of the evening are discovered murdered. At the same time Richard is spending a great deal of time with Victoria at tea. He sketches her likeness as studies for the portrait. Victoria confides in Catherine, her cousin, that she is smitten with Richard. When Richard greets Catherine backstage after one of her performances she seduces him and paints him with blood. In a fit of jealousy she sends him into the streets as she screams murder. Richard is arrested as a prime suspect but Victoria is able to free him with her influence and power. Rescued once again Richard goes to thank Victoria and they consummate their relationship. Richard wanders into a sideshow only to discover his image on a screen along with Victoria's on the first night they met. Richard now shadows Jules in an attempt to protect Victoria's honor. When Richard discovers Jules taking images of Victoria and himself in the park together he beats him mercilessly and threatens to cut his throat. Victoria realizes she is pregnant and in order to save her marriage and Richard she goes to New York. Victoria miscarries and the pregnancy is an absolute surprise to Charles. Richard follows Victoria to New York as Charles releases Victoria from their agreement. The murders suddenly stop. Richard and Victoria are reunited and begin their new life together in New York City.

Which streaming providers can you watch A Rogue in Londinium on

Here is the comprehensive list of streaming providers that will show A Rogue in Londinium in Australia. If A Rogue in Londinium will appear with other providers further down the line, this table will be updated.


  • Amazon PrimeYes
  • Apple TV PlusNo
  • BingeNo
  • Disney PlusNo
  • Foxtel NowNo
  • NetflixNo
  • StanNo
  • Telstra TV Box OfficeNo

The cast of A Rogue in Londinium

Jay Aubrey II, Andrew Barrett, Trevor Bittinger

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