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Virgin Mobile is shutting down.

As of 15th June 2018, Virgin will no longer be selling new services and all retail stores will close by the end of June.

What should you do:
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  • Contract Plans: Phone plans (24 months) or BYO Phone (12 months)
  • Voice: 3G, 4G
  • Data: 3G, 4G
  • No-contract Plans: BYO Phone (Month-to-Month)
  • Network: Optus

One of the earliest competitors to the “big three” carriers – they were Australia’s very first third-party mobile provider – Virgin Mobile launched their service in Australia way back in 2000, with Richard Branson directly involved in its down-under debut. Right from the start, Virgin Mobile has had a firm focus on customer service without the usual business-like seriousness that was a big part of the mobile industry in Australia for years. Their fresh approach quickly won them a lot of loyal customers. As a result, the brand thrives as a stand-alone entity today, despite having become wholly owned by Optus a decade ago.

Virgin Mobile Spring 2017 Offers

You can’t go wrong with any of Virgin Mobile’s spring deals available. In October 2017, sign up and receive a once off $10 credit on your first bill. Or, get 20% off for a 12-Months SIM.
All Virgin Mobile plans come with unlimited talk and text, as well as credit for standard international calls.

For Voice Users

  • Free Voicemail: Yes
  • Visual Voicemail: No
  • 4G Voice Calls: Yes

You’re not going to be in any doubt about the call allowance you get with Virgin Mobile, regardless of which phone or SIM only plan you choose. Because each and every one of them features unlimited standard national calls, texts and MMS messages.

Calls in the free category include 13, 1300, 18 and 1800 numbers, something that’s essential these days; since almost every business you need to call uses one of these numbers. They’re not always included in unlimited-call allowances from other providers. But with Virgin Mobile, you’ve got no worries at all when it comes to calling within Australia.

You get an international call allowance, too, the size of which depends on your plan. Moreover, Virgin Mobile pioneered free voicemail, back in the days when every other provider charged you to access it. Needless to say, it’s still free. For those with the latest smartphones, Virgin has been quietly rolling out VoLTE (4G voice calling), though it isn’t available in all areas just yet.

Mobile Plans

Green 12 SIM Only Month to Month
  • Unlimited Calls & Text
  • 500MB Data
  • Sim Only Plan
Min Cost - $12 over 1 mth

Super Saver 4G
  • Unlimited Calls & Text
  • 2GB Data
  • Sim Only Plan
Min Cost - $8.99 over 1 month

Small 1GB
  • Unlimited Calls & Text
  • 1GB Data
  • Sim Only Plan
Min Cost - $10 + $5 to add international calls & texts

Moose 8.80 - 1GB
  • 200 mins Calls
  • 1GB Data
  • Sim Only Plan
Min Cost - $8.80 over 1 month

Mobile - Mini
  • 500 mins Calls
  • 2GB Data
  • Sim Only Plan
Min Cost - $9.95/month

For Text Messagers

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to texting with Virgin Mobile. Both standard text messages and MMS are unlimited on every phone and SIM only plan! You’ll sometimes see providers offering unlimited texts but quietly charging up to 75c per MMS message. Virgin Mobile has no intention of being so miserly. You can fire off pics to your friends to your heart’s content without worrying about getting an unexpected surprise on your next bill. International texts cost a reasonable 35c each, while MMS to anywhere outside Australia is 60c per message. Cheaper than some other providers’ national MMS rates!

For Data Users

  • 4G: Yes
  • LTE Advanced: Yes

Virgin Mobile is part of the Optus family. Photo: Virgin Mobile site

Being part of the Optus family, Virgin Mobile gets to make full use of Optus’s advanced 4G Plus network. It now covers the vast majority of populated areas of Australia, with 4G coverage being superb in major cities and rolling out to the rest of the country at a nice fast pace.

Data allowances for those bringing their own phone range from a budget-minded 1.5GB all the way up to a truly gigantic 18GB on the $60 contract plan. Phone plan customers, meanwhile, can go all the way up to 22GB. All plans include data rollover, with any unused data allowance carrying over to the following month. And uniquely, Virgin Mobile also offers a “data gifting” feature. You can share your spare data with any other postpaid Virgin Mobile customer – making you extremely popular with your friends in the process!

All plans allow data-free music streaming, supporting Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music and iHeartRadio at bitrates up to 512Kbps. In other words, feel free to choose that Extreme quality option in Spotify, turn the volume up and listen as long as you like without using any of your precious data.

Costs and Contracts

Virgin Mobile has kept things nice and simple when it comes to plans, with everything you’ll get for your money clearly laid out. On the SIM-only side of things, you can pick from a month-to-month plan or opt for a 12-month contract. Both are post-paid, but the former does allow you to get connected without being locked in. Prices for 12-month plans range from $30 to $60, and for month-to-month plans from $30 to $80. And with all offering unlimited calls and text messaging, the big point of difference is, of course, the data allowance.

Contract plan customers get more data on each plan. At the top end of the scale you’ll get 18GB on the $60 contract plan versus 11GB on month-to-month. For heavy data users the contract plans are very much the way to go, with 5GB on the $40 plan and 9GB on the $50 plan.

If you’re signing up for a new phone plan on a 24-month contract, you get six plans to choose from, all with unlimited calls and texts. The range of data allowance here is far wider. You get 9GB at $70 and 11GB at $80, but if you’re willing to go all the way and pick the $100 plan, you’ll get a hefty 24GB of data.

It’s worth noting that the amount you actually pay on a phone plan will depend both on the phone and plan you choose. For example, on the $100 plan, an iPhone 8 is $3/month, while it costs an extra $13/month on the $80 plan or $19/month on the $70 plan.  If you want access to the latest smartphones for free you’ll have to go for the $100 plan.

And that’s not as bad as it seems – given the outright cost of, for example, an iPhone 7 (which is free with the $100 plan), you could look at the plan as a $50 plan with a $50/month repayment for the phone. If you can afford it, it ends up being great value compared to buying an iPhone outright and bringing it to Virgin Mobile.

Special Offers

Virgin Mobile frequently ties in special offers for members of the Velocity frequent flyer program from its sister company, airline Virgin Australia. Just having a Velocity membership can get you offers like 10% off your monthly plan fee, bonus Velocity points and more. Check with Virgin to see what’s on offer before you sign up if you’re part of that rewards program.

Customer Service

TypeContactHours Available
Phone Support1300 555 100
+61 2 8860 9848
8am-9pm Mon-Fri
9am-7pm Sat-Sun
Live Text ChatVirgin Mobile Web Site9am-7pm Mon-Fri
Facebook / TwitterWeb/Apps9am-7pm Mon-Thu
9am-5pm Fri-Sun
Web Account ManagementVirgin Mobile Web Site24 hours, 7 days
Community Help ForumsVirgin Mobile Web Site24 hours, 7 days

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