Introducing Optus Australia

Before Optus arrived in Australia back in the early ‘90s, there was really only one choice available to fulfill your communication needs. Optus shook things up in a big way, and is now one of the country’s largest and most versatile providers, covering the whole range of services that we all use every day to stay in touch and keep informed.

What does Optus Offer?

With their own dedicated cable network in capital cities servicing Cable Broadband customers and their own hardware in phone exchanges around the country making sure that ADSL customers get the highest speeds possible, Optus is a major force as an internet provider, with the scale and resources to ensure that customers get first-rate service; whether they’re browsing Facebook or binge-watching Netflix.

For mobile devices, Optus has Australia’s most advanced 4G network providing lightning-fast speeds to mobile phones and tablets around the country, with coverage constantly being expanded and improved.

What Entertainment Can I View With Optus?

As a partner in the Fetch TV system, Optus provides access to completed unmetered internet-based TV via the Fetch TV set top box, which not only gives you access to 36 channels of entertainment for a low monthly fee, but is also able to record hundreds of hours of programs from both internet and free-to-air TV to watch later. The Fetch TV box also includes native support for Netflix, giving you access to thousands of hours of TV and movies on demand, all delivered through Optus’s super-fast broadband network to your central home media hub.

Optus FAQs

How can I access Optus Broadband?

Optus can connect you to their network via several different methods, depending on what’s available in your area. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area serviced by the NBN, they’ve got that covered; almost as fast is the service provided by Optus Cable, which is available in some suburban areas. Otherwise, your connection will be done via ADSL on your home phone line, connecting at the exchange to Optus’s own hardware when possible to ensure you get the fastest available speeds.

Can I get Foxtel?

Yes! Optus TV with Foxtel allows you to bundle the full Foxtel service in with your Optus package. Foxtel starts at $25/month for the basic channel package, with add-on channel packs available for between $10 and $25/month.

Is there a lock-in contract?

The standard contract for Optus’s internet services is 24 months. However, if you move house at any point during your contract period, you can get reconnected at your new location and pick up the contract where you left off.

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