NFL Games to Air Live and Stream Free Online in Australia

NFL Football streaming on Kayo Sports in Australia

The NFL has remained the world’s premiere gridiron competition for the past 50 years. It has produced teams and players that have become household names and continues to swell in popularity well outside of its North American roots. 

As we head into the 100th NFL season this spring/summer, all the biggest franchises are set to go head-to-head and stake their claim for a place at Super Bowl 54. Aussie NFL fans will be wondering how to watch all the action unfold on Australian TV, and how they can stream games live online? Using this viewing guide, you can stay up to date with all these details and more.  

NFL 100th Anniversary TV Preview

The 100th NFL regular season begins in September, when 32 teams from across the USA battle it out for a place at Super Bowl 54. The NFL is split into two conferences, the AFC and NFC. Each conference incorporates 16 teams split into four divisions – North, South, East and West. Each division contains four sides who play each other twice during the regular season. They then play a further 10 games against rivals within their conference, meaning a total of 16 regular season games for every NFL franchise. 

Once the regular season is complete, the NFL moves into the Playoffs. The winners of all eight divisions across AFC and NFC qualify automatically and are then seeded according to their records. A further four wildcard places go to the top runners-up, for a total of ten teams making the post-season. The lowest seeded Division winners firstly go head-to-head with the Wild Card teams for a place in the Divisional Round (quarter final). Thereafter, there is the Conference Championship (semi-final), where the winners earn a spot in one of the biggest games in the world of sport, the Super Bowl (final). Thankfully, with the newest broadcast deals fans will have access to more of the NFL on Australian TV than at any previous time.

Kayo Sports vs NFL on Free to Air

Fortunately for fans down under, channel Seven and Kayo Sports both offer live NFL games, making Gridiron more accessible to Australian’s than ever before. Channel Seven will broadcast two Sunday (US) games live each week, while Kayo Sports, courtesy of ESPN, will televise five marquee match-ups live each week. Use this Kayo Sports and NFL free to air TV guide to compare their programming.

NFL Programming
Kayo SportsChannel 7 (free to air)
NFL Thursday Night Live YesNo
NFL Sunday 2 Games LiveYesYes
NFL Sunday Night LiveYesNo
Monday Night NFL LiveYesNo
SportsCenter AustraliaYesNo
Super Bowl 54YesYes

Which NFL games will be available in Australia this week?

Every week this guide will list the up-to-date TV times for all upcoming weekend games, so you don’t need to worry about missing the available NFL fixtures. Discover which matches will be available to stream and watch Live in Australia, from now right up until the Super Bowl in February. All events shown as Sydney time, adjust for regional differences

NFL 2019 Live TV Fixtures (Sydney time)

Date Event Time Channel
Friday 15 November LIVE: Browns v Steelers 12.20pm Kayo / Foxtel
Monday 18 November LIVE: Ravens v Texans 5.00am Kayo / Foxtel
Monday 18 November LIVE: Lions v Cowboys 5.00am 7Mate
Monday 18 November LIVE: Eagles v Patriots 8.25am Kayo / Foxtel
Monday 18 November LIVE: 49ers v Cardinals 8.25am 7Mate
Monday 18 NovemberLIVE: Rams v Bears 12.20pm Kayo / Foxtel
Tuesday 19 NovemberLIVE: Chargers v Chiefs 12:15pm Kayo / Foxtel

How to Stream the NFL Live and Free

ESPN (Foxtel/Kayo), the original home of the NFL in Australia, will broadcast every Thursday Night, Sunday Night, Monday Night and two Sunday afternoon games each week Live and in HD, along with all marquee Thanksgiving Day matches. You’ll also get every playoff game and one of the world’s biggest sporting events, Super Bowl 54, giving you a total of 110 live games.

So, if you’re a resident of Australia you may wish to review the Kayo Sports 14 day free trial which has a no lock-in contract and will televise this very same Gridiron action LIVE via ESPN. Kayo offers live NFL streaming with eligible mobile devices and browsers, including select PC and Macs, iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple and Telstra TV, Google Chromecast, as well as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge – with new apps and platforms arriving soon. Kayo will also provide on demand replays of the games they televise, should you need to catch-up on that week’s action.


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What unique on-screen features does Kayo offer?

Kayo is continually adding new technology and currently offers several unique on screen features that will enhance your sport viewing experience, a list that includes:

  • SplitView – Stream up to 4 games at once in real time
  • Key Moments – Jump straight to the events that changed the course of the game
  • Kayo Minis – Bite-sized replays bringing you all the action in a few minutes
  • Interactive Graphics – Get detailed insight into the game with exclusive statistics
  • No Spoilers! – Hides all scores so you can stream a replay as if it were happening live
  • Search – Type in what you’re looking for and go straight to your favourite sports
  • Interactive Stats – Get live analysis and key stats on the biggest sports
  • On-demand – Match replays, popular sport docos and other shows whenever and wherever
  • Multiple Cameras – Watch multiple different camera feeds on demand, even on the same screen, with select events

Popular NFL Streaming Devices in Australia

Not everyone currently has, or wants to take on the cost of a Foxtel or Telstra pay TV subscription. So with this consideration in mind, what other choices do you have when it comes to streaming the NFL in Australia? Let’s look at some of the best streaming options available on the Aussie market.

Stream the NFL with Apple TV

Arguably the gold-standard of the lower-profile streaming device for years now, the Apple TV is popular because it delivers. This tiny box is now in its fifth generation, and has recently added 4K and HDR streaming. You can also download apps just like you would on your phone. And that means almost every major player is supported, including the Kayo Sports streaming service and Foxtel Now.

Stream the NFL with Apple TV

Stream the NFL with Google Chromecast

This amazing little device now comes in two options for streaming video, both with an HDMI connection linking them to your TV. You can choose from the standard or the Ultra Chromecast version – the difference is that the Ultra handles 4K video, which is becoming increasingly available in Australia thanks to Foxtel. Once plugged in and connected to your home Wi-Fi network, the device can be reached by a vast range of apps to stream video, including Kayo Sports and Foxtel Now. While it’s not as seamless as using a dedicated device – it’s still extremely versatile.

Stream the NFL with Google Chromecast

Stream the NFL with the Foxtel Now Box

Another increasingly popular streaming device option would be the Foxtel Now Box. Launched over a year ago, it delivers the easiest way to stream Foxtel Now, as well as YouTube and Stan, directly to your TV. There’s no installation required so you can immediately start streaming the National Football League and other sport on your TV. Simply plug it in and start watching, fuss-free. Of course, you’ll need to subscribe to Foxtel Now’s Sports pack, which offers access to twelve channels including Fox Sports, Fox League, Fox Footy, ESPN, beIN Sports and all the live action available each and every week.

Stream the NFL with the Foxtel Now Box


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