Grab Aussie Broadband’s Unlimited NBN From $69/Month

Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband did not launch unlimited NBN plans until only recently, but already they’ve established their way around the network congestion which Australians typically experience during peak hours. As a result, the telco now delivers remarkably increased speed, with ACCC declaring them the provider that offers the best NBN speeds in the country.

When Aussie Broadband claims to be a small telco with immense capabilities, they’re not lying. While their network is powered by Telstra, they’re more than that — something made obvious by the super fast NBN speeds they’re capable of providing to their subscribers. As a growing telco Aussie Broadband has defied tough odds to deliver decent speeds throughout the day, even during the busy hours of 7-11 pm. Plus, with Aussie you can get connected to the NBN with unlimited data on a 25/5 Mbps speed tier for only $69/month.

Connecting with Aussie Broadband

As NBN’s accessibility continues to expand, Aussie Broadband is striving to be a credible provider that does more than just connect you to the internet. Not only have they secured their customers’ trust with their top-quality service performance, but they’ve even garnered attention from the whole of the telco industry, recognised as Australia’s best broadband provider at the 2018 Edison Awards. Aussie Broadband is aiming to become a higher-tier internet provider, something they’ve proven more than capable of doing. Combining all crucial features in a plan — speed, value, flexibility, low cost —  it’s hard to look away.

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Get fast NBN with no lock-in contract

Stream faster with Aussie Broadband. Get a high quality NBN connection starting at just $55/mth with no lock-in contract.

Aussie Broadband’s NBN Plans

What makes Aussie’s NBN selections more appealing is the fact that you can build your own NBN plan, depending on your needs and budget.  A review of Aussie Broadband reveals that plans start from 100GB at $55/month on a 25/5 Mbps speed tier, but if you feel 100GB isn’t enough you can change the plan to suit your needs and get more data on the same speed tier, from 200GB up to 900GB all the way to unlimited. At this speed, unlimited plans costs $69/month with no lock-in contract; that’s a better deal than most broadband companies can lay claim to.

Aussie’s most popular NBN service involves their 50/20 Mbps speed tier, which delivers up to 45 Mbps on typical evening speeds — notably faster than what other providers can offer. NBN broadband plans available on this speed range from 100GB for $65/month up to 900GB for $78/month. Aussie’s unlimited plan on a 50/20 speed will cost you just an extra dollar at $79/month.

Lightning Fast NBN Plans

Aussie Broadband’s capacity for delivering top NBN speeds gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that if you need lightning fast, uninterrupted internet, you can get it. The 100/40 Mbps is already an established speed tier and one that provides customers with a great connection, and if you sign up with Aussie Broadband choosing this speed, you’ll pay $99/month for an unlimited plan. The protocol is the same as with the previous plans — you can start from 500GB all the way up to 900GB or unlimited data, choosing whatever fits your needs best.

Where Aussie Broadband has distinguished itself from competitors, however, is through the offering of the Super Fast NBN 150 (150/100Mbps) and the Ultra Fast NBN 250 (250/100Mbps). It is worth noting that given their extremely high speeds, unlimited data isn’t available on these two speed plans. For Super Fast, you can get as much as 3000GB for $230/month, while Ultra Fast offers the same maximum data for $250/month.

What Else Does Aussie Broadband Offer?

Aussie Broadband also offers ADSL connections, data-only plans for your other devices, as well as SIM-only mobile plans — with each plan configured at affordable rates with no lock-in contract so you don’t have to worry about cancellation fees. For NBN, standard installation is free; connecting with ADSL, on the other hand, has a one-off installation fee of $110. All mobile plans include unlimited calls and texts with data allowances ranging from 1GB to 40GB and plans costing between $15 and $79/month. In addition, you can also choose to bundle your NBN plan with a home phone — this will cost $10/month for local and national calls and $20/month if you want to add mobile calls.


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