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About Internode

Since the mid-1990s when they started providing high-speed broadband – first to Adelaide, then to the rest of the country – Internode has been a trusted brand name amongst Australian ISPs. Always the first to adopt new technology and put it to good use, and renowned for the quality and reliability of their network, Internode have gone from strength to strength. They always make sure customers have a wealth of choice when it comes to their broadband plans.

Now owned by the giant TPG, Internode continues to operate as its own entity. Internode offers fast broadband using hundreds of exchanges with their own ADSL hardware, as well as all forms of the new NBN.

Pushing the boundaries of internet technology, Internode was the first company in Australia to offer ADSL broadband using their own hardware at phone exchanges – hardware which is the backbone of their ADSL network today. They continue to add support for advanced internet features as we move onto the NBN (which Internode fully supports in all its forms, from fibre to fixed wireless).

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Offering a diverse range of speeds (for NBN) and data limits for all plans, Internode has the flexibility to give you what you want – from everyday web browsing to intense downloading or time-critical gaming. Rather than pay for an unlimited service you’ll never need, you can tailor your plan to your usage. If you just want a no-worries, fast broadband connection, you can have one at a price that won’t break the bank.
With the acclaimed Fetch TV service available as an option to all customers, Internode gives you real choice when it comes to entertainment. The base Fetch plan is only $5/month and the freshly released Fetch Mini box will stream Netflix in high definition for as long as you like – while not counting towards your data limit. Add the premium Fetch package of 35 channels for only $20/month, giving you quality pay TV with your blazingly fast internet.

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A brand name long associated with high quality broadband, Internode offers first-rate service at prices that outdo their less experienced rivals.

Internode FAQs

When it comes to the way you sign up, Internode is one of the more flexible ISPs. There’s no minimum contract term by default. However, if you take up the NodePhone home phone service you have to commit to 3 months minimum but you can reduce or eliminate the standard setup fees – and get a free gigabit modem/router – by signing up for a contract term. The choice, as with all things at Internode, is yours.
If you’re already on an Internode ADSL plan, then a move to the NBN doesn’t cost a cent – and doesn’t affect your current contract if you have one. You won’t have to wait out your contract to avoid penalties – Internode will get you hooked up to the new network seamlessly.
If you’ve already got a capable modem/router, you can use it with your Internode service. If you’re taking up the NodePhone service – a home phone service that runs over the internet – then Internode’s own modem/router can make setting up a fast and easy experience. It’s free if you sign up for a 24-month contract, otherwise $89.

Latest News

  • Add Fetch TV to your Internode broadband

Add Fetch TV to your Internode Broadband for just $10/month

If you’re looking to switch pay TV providers, Internode is currently offering clients a pretty sweet deal. You can add Fetch TV to select broadband plans for $10/month, one channel pack included.

  • Get unlimited data on the NBN from Internode

Unlimited Data on the NBN with no Lock-in Contract from Internode

Internode offers simple and straightforward NBN plans, available on a month-to-month basis. You can currently enjoy unlimited data on the NBN and no lock-in contract for only $69.99/month.

  • Get unlimited NBN at the fastest speed tier with Internode

Internode now Offers Unlimited NBN at the Fastest Speed Tier

Looking for truly powerful broadband? Internode offers NBN Platinum, which is NBN at the fasted speed tier available – 100/40 Mbps – starting from $74.99/month.

  • Internode offers affordable naked broadband

Tired of bundles? Internode offers affordable naked broadband

With naked broadband, there are no additional services in the mix. You get only internet, no phone line requires. Internote is currently running a great naked broadband deal. Read on to find out more.