Hello Mobile

Hello Mobile originated from the extremely popular calling card provider that put thousands of Australians in touch with family and friends abroad for many years. Now, Hello Mobile continues the tradition of offering cheap and easy access to international calls on a range of easy prepaid plans, with no contracts or commitments to get in the way of getting connected.

Using the Vodafone 4G network for both voice and data, Hello Mobile can boast wide coverage and high call quality along with their own dedicated international links that ensure calls overseas are reliable, cheap and of exceptional quality.

Hello’s range of prepaid plans also takes into account those who just want to call and text within Australia – there’s plenty of options bundling data, international calls or special rates so you can grab the plan that’s exactly suited to your needs. It’s also easy to get hold of a Hello SIM – you can find them in almost any major store, or order one online and have it expressed to you free of charge.

Hello Mobile Spring 2017 Offers

Starting October 2017, get the Unlimited 30 Plan from Hello Mobile for only $29.90. It comes with unlimited talk/text and 2GB data. International rates vary based on the country you want to call.

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Getting a New Phone Through Hello Mobile

A fairly recent addition to Hello’s services is the availability of a range of smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei and more, at a full range of price points. All of the phones Hello sells are completely free of network locking, and are all outright purchases – as Hello does prepaid services only, there’s no repayments to worry about.

Hello Mobile Review: Hello Mobile

A niche product that nonetheless has the benefit of being expert in the market it caters to – international callers – Hello Mobile’s not the first provider you should look at if you want showstopping value and perks. But if you’ve got friends and family overseas who you call regularly, this could very well be the provider for you.

Hello Mobile FAQs

Yes, you can – you just need to have Hello port your current number over to their service, a process that’s quick, easy and entirely handled by Hello’s team.
Yes, it does – thanks to the recent multi-million-dollar upgrade of the Vodafone network that Hello uses, you have access to both extremely fast 4G data and the high-quality voice calls that come with 4G. You’ll need a compatible phone to make use of 4G voice, though; currently, the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones support this cutting-edge feature that can give you incredible call clarity.
No, Hello only offers prepaid mobile services. However, you can activate their auto top-up service, nominating a minimum balance before your service is automatically topped up from your credit card, so you never need to take time out to add prepaid funds to make a call.
ProviderCallsDataPrice Per MonthOffer
telstraUnlimitedFrom 15GBFrom $49View details
ovoFrom $500 creditFrom 1GBFrom $9.95View details
moose mobileFrom 200 minFrom 1GBFrom $9View details
amaysimUnlimitedFrom 1GBFrom $10View details
belongUnlimitedFrom 1GBFrom $10View details

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