Amaysim vs Vaya: Review Mobile Plans, Perks, and Offers

In a mobile industry loaded with providers big and small, we enjoy a vast range of competition and choice here in Australia. That’s thanks to the existence of three huge companies running separate networks, and many smaller companies operating on them. All are competing for your attention and monthly mobile spend. So it might come as a bit of a surprise that an amaysim vs Vaya comparison is actually putting one company up against itself!

Vaya had made waves for their keenly-priced mobile plans for some time before the popular amaysim bought them out at the start of 2016. But while they’re now part of the same overall company, they continue to be run as separate mobile providers with different goals in mind.

One thing is very much certain – there’s a ton of value to be had here, regardless of which one you choose. But which of these two much-admired and popular brands should you pick to fit in with your mobile needs? Let’s take a look at what each has to offer.


Right out of the gate, amaysim makes one thing clear – it’s all about unlimited standard talk and text. There’s no messing around with picking a plan that matches your calling and texting needs. That’s hugely important in a world where, for a vast number of people, their mobile phone is the only phone. amaysim mobile plans are all completely contract-free. You’re free to leave at any time if you’re not happy with what you’re getting. However, the huge popularity amaysim enjoyed over the years suggests that people who come for the value stay for the quality of service.

amaysim plans come in six flavours – which all offer unlimited national calls and text. On the $30+ plans you also get unlimited international calls to ten major countries. Ranging in price (per 28 days) from $10 to $50 and data allowances from 1GB to 60GB, the real sweet spot amongst them is the Unlimited 10GB plan. At $30, it gives you a huge chunk of data to last you the four weeks without costing you the earth. Plus, it comes with unlimited calls and texts, international calls and data on the fast Optus 4G Plus network for less than 10 bucks a week. It’s almost the same price as the old landline phone rental used to be, but with the connected world at your disposal.

Those wanting more international calls can opt to upgrade that 2.5GB plan to 10GB or 20GB plans, which give you unlimited international standard calls to 10 countries. It’s all very flexible – and remember, you can bump up or down a plan tier any time you need to.

For data users, amaysim also offers data-only SIMs in several flavours – 2GB for $15, 5GB for $25, 20GB for $45, 50GB for $60, 100GB for $70 and 150GB for $90 per 28 days. Great for both tablets and tethering, they’re easy, no-commitment plans for those wanting to get their connected device online.

Value-Packed Plans on the Optus 4G Plus Network

Get unlimited talk and texts + great data allowances on these amaysim SIM-only deals! Plans start from $10/mth with no lock-in contract.


Vaya made their reputation early on as one of the best value prepaid providers out there, and nothing’s changed. With many awards under their belt, they continue to offer value prepaid plans that make getting connected an almost trivially cheap thing to do. When it comes to getting the best mileage out of your money, Vaya mobile deals are the place to look.

Vaya mobile plans start at $16 per month. For that you get unlimited calls, text and MMS to anywhere in Australia, free voicemail, and 2GB of data. This is the perfect pick for someone who just wants a phone to talk to others. Yes, there are people who still use their phone as an actual phone!

The data limit at that price is low, but perfectly sufficient for casual mobile users – and you can bump it up by paying a little more. $24 gets you 6GB, $36 gets you 15GB, $44 you get 30GB and $56 gets you 50GB data. For those keen to keep a high data limit in reserve, the 15GB plan is clearly the best choice. But Vaya is really appealing for low-volume data users. Access to the Optus 4G Plus network with unlimited calls and enough data to let you do the check email/Facebook for only $4 a week? It’s hard to find better value anywhere else.

Vaya also offers data-only plans at keen prices, starting with 5GB for $19 a month. If you’re using your tablet or laptop a lot, though, we’d recommend the $59 plan. It gives you 50GB so you can use your device for all your internet needs. Ever since the telco upped data inclusions on all plans, Vaya clients get significantly more bang for their buck.

Cheap & Reliable Plans with Vaya

Get mobile plans that won’t break the bank with Vaya’s range of plans that come with unlimited talk & text. Plans start from $16/mth with 2GB data + no lock-in contract.

Which one wins?

This unusual battle between two brands under the same company umbrella is not as strange as you might think. amaysim emphasises data limits and throws in international calls on its higher tier plans.

Meanwhile, Vaya has a stronger emphasis on providing you with calls and text at the lowest cost possible. It comes down to what’s most important to you – do you talk and/or text a lot? Or are you more a Snapchat, Facetime and Instagram communicator?

As we said before, there’s no shortage of choice in the market with mobile services at the moment. However, these two variations on the same company provide incredible value tailored to the sort of mobile user you are. They’re both certainly worth the investment.

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