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Meet Flip TV – a leading IPTV company delivering local and worldwide content via the internet, direct to thousands of people Australia wide. But while they do deliver over 100 channels from over 15 countries worldwide, what really makes them stand out from the crowd are their NBN plans. All plans feature unlimited data and come at extremely affordable prices, making the telco an ideal choice for budget conscious consumers in search of quality broadband.

What makes Flip TV unique?

On the TV front, Flip TV offers channels from all over the world. The list includes English, Bosnian, Croatian, Greek, Macedonian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, South American, Spanish and Turkish content. They connect communities to their culture back home fast and effectively. Moreover, with the Flip TV entertainment system you can get over 30 free to air channels. You can also view the program schedule in the blink of an eye, replay TV, and rewind up to 24 hours on over 30 of your favourite channels.
But that’s not all. In April 2017, Flip TV NBN launched, supplying access to Australia’s new high speed internet network. The company’s NBN plans are budget-friendly and pack unlimited data, making them a great choice for both individuals and families. They offer no-contract options, so renters can benefit from the service as well. All in all, Flip TV’s NBN plans satisfy the online needs of Australians without expensive data charges or long term contracts. As long as you have access to the NBN, Flip TV is definitely worth considering when researching providers.

Award-winning NBN

Flip TV was awarded Best Value NBN Broadband Plan by Money Magazine in their annual Best of Best awards 2018. “In the first year of the NBN award, Flip TV took out the gong for its Family 25 plan, which costs just $59 a month for unlimited data, BYO modem,” Money Magazines notes.
Flip TV’s suite of unlimited data plans start at just $49 a month, with the Family 25 plan ideal for households with 2-4 people. They also offer a Value 12 plan for more casual users and a Fast 50 plan well-suited for gaming and downloading/uploading large files.

Contact Flip TV

Get in touch with Flip TV’s customer support team through their direct number 1300 354 788. You can also reach them via their socials on Facebook and Twitter or send them a message via e-mail.

Flip TV Review: Award-Winning NBN Broadband Plans with Big Savings

The great thing about the NBN is the way it gives all providers the opportunity to run their own broadband service their way. That way, they can cater to specific groups of customers. The days of having to go with “one of the big five” to get your broadband connection are well and truly over. That’s a good thing. It not only means real competition for customers based on features, price or speed, but also allows the more imaginative companies to come into the mix. Like Flip TV.


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Flip TV FAQs

Do you get any calls with the NBN plans?

All NBN Flip TV plans come with pay as you calls. However, you can purchase landline call packs. $9.95/month buys you unlimited local and national calls. For $19.95/month you also get unlimited calls to mobiles.

How much do international calls cost?

International calls are charged per minutes. The cost will vary based on the country you’re calling. You can access a complete list of international rates on Flip TV’s website.

Does Flip TV provide a modem?

Prices for NBN plans do not include a modem – you have to use your own. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-configured modem from Flip TV, Humax Model HV100-03. It costs $119 and is, of course, NBN Compatible (FTTN, FTTP, HFC, Fixed Wireless).